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Not as Sore with Creatine, Glutamine

hi all, i;ve been training for 3 weeks now, i decided to add creatine and glutamine to my diet…and i noticed the following: now, 48 hours after my workout my muscles do not hurt has much as before even though im lifting about 2-5 pounds more per every also it takes me less time to recuperate from a workout than it did before. is this a result of the glutamine, or is this a signal that i have to train heavier?,

and if this is…what can i do so that my body will not get used to it, i;ve heard people talk about cycling supplements…any info on that? thanks alot…att: snow flake hunter

is your handle really snowflakehunter? wtf

Loose the CAPS.

Type as if you were talking (make sense).

Read the Stickies.

Use the ‘search’ function.


(The answer to your question is that you need more experience training. 3 weeks lifting and your already using supplements? That’s retarded, IMHO)

I think its the extra dose of caps lock that makes you so strong.


the caps lock just made you look like a moron, present yourself better next time


SnowFlake, do not ever argue with a fool…people passing by might get confuced…thank you all for your expert advice.

Both glutamine and creatine are really potent steroids, and you should cycle them to make sure you will not shrink your penis too much.

Or something like that.