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Not Another Winny and Anadrol Post!!!

Currently I am running 500 sust/week and am doing a cutting phase. I am getting my body primed to add some mass (and water weight) with a high carb cycled diet. I lift 4 days a week (high intensity powerlifting routine with high volume assistance exercises) and do fasted cardio every morning. I did a lot of reading on Winny and Anadrol cycles on this forum and have decided to run the one I found below:

Day 1-25 100mg drol ED
Day 6-25 50mg winny ED
Week 1 PCT 20mg nolva ED
Week 2 PCT 10mg nolva ED
13 more days before starting 2nd cycle
Day 1-25 100mg drol ED
Day 6-25 50mg winny ED
Week 1 PCT 20mg nolva ED
Week 2 PCT 10 mg nolva ED

Everything is good but I would like to add sust to the mix. I have a few questions:

  1. With sust, will I really need the PCT in between my anadrol/winny cycles? Should I simply use nolva only if I feel gyno symptoms? Since tamoxifen is a competitive inhibitor of estrogen in breast tissue, the above statement made sense to me.

  2. Can I run sust at 750 the whole time? I am not planning on coming off and will simply cruise on 250 once I hit the second phase of drol/winny.

  3. I have run tren before at 300mg/week and saw a bit of vascularity but not too much strength. If I decide to run 9 weeks of tren after the mass phase, could I do something like this:

Week 1-4: 100mg drol ED
Week 1-4: 50mg winny ED
Week 7-10: 100mg drol ED
Week 7-10: 50mg winny ED
Week 1-10: 750mg sust/week
Week 11-19: 250mg sust/week
Week 11-19: 700mg tren/week
Week 20-…: 250mg sust/week

I will have caber on hand but will try to use exemestane to drop E2 levels down so I won’t need caber. I was thinking about adding tren to solidify the muscle mass gained from the anadrol/winny. While on tren, I was going to go with a moderate intensity and high volume workout program. Also, I read that it’s good to stay at a body weight for a little while so you don’t lose all your gains once you cruise.

If anything is a miss, please feel free to offer productive advice. I am looking forward to your responses. I am very eager to learn!



Your second cycle with tren looks a lot more appealing and rational. If running tren e overlap your orals a week with it.

edit overlap

I agree that the second cycle is more applicable to my situation. However, I don’t understand your second sentence.

Damn auto correct messes everything up. I meant overlap the last week of orals with your first week of tren if you are using the long ester. If using acetate nevermind.

Using ace. Awesome. So it looks like the planned cycle should be a good one. Hopefully it will allow me to break the 405 bench, 545 squat and 700 deadlift barrier. Currently I have a 474 squat, 336 bench and 644 deadlift at a bodyweight of 188. Big things to come!

I’ll try and make a weekly post when I start to keep track of my numbers as well as bodyweight so that others looking to do a similar cycle can see what to expect. I’ll post my macros as well.