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Not Another Supplement Tale of Woe!

[sarcasm]Another great article in the news packed with useful information on steroids and supplements:[/sarcasm]

Here’s an extract. Lodi football coach Todd Dillon tells us what he thinks about supplements:

I think supplements are good as long as it’s protein, I don’t think kids have a real good diet and if they can do things to build with protein that’s fine. When they get crazy with the synthetic steroids or the creatine, they don’t understand the implications–the stress on the organs. That can be concerning when they don’t seek out someone who is knowledgeable.

I suppose that knowledgeable person would be him, right?

They then talk to Dillon’s line coach, Greg Bishop, a former offensive lineman in the NFL, who at the time took a powdered substance from an Australian company called Musashi. While Bishop isn’t exactly sure what the product was, he knew he could trust his strength coach that it wasn’t on the league’s banned substance list. “I’m not that schooled in it,” he said. “There’s probably kids who know more about supplements than I do.”

Yeah, no kidding!

If these are the people highschool athletes have to trust with their training, I’m not surprised the average Joe doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in the supplement world!

The main character in this news story is young Jason Kimmel, who stopped taking supplements in his sophomore year because he was being teased about taking steroids. But now, in his junior year, he’s back to supplements and weightlifting with a vengance; he’s even taking T-Bomb. Oh my god, what are we to do?

Says Jason Kimmel Sr of his son’s T-Bomb habit: JJ is naturally more aggressive, if he takes too much testosterone he can get a little too aggressive.

Yeah, Tribulus terrestris with Zinc and Magnesium can really bring out the beast in you.

OK, rant over.