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Not Another PH Question!! Issues with Havoc


Hi guys

Quick question, i'm running a havoc cycle as laid out in the sticky. Two weeks in and everything is going great except one thing, the pumps.

I'm getting very painful pumps during training, especially lower back and shoulders. Its not a case of being a pussy, an example would be that i need to take a very long break between squat sets to let my lower back pump calm down. Its basically got to a point were its now making me train with less volume.

Any suggestions on controlling them? I've heard of taurine being used for pumps assosiated with dbol usage but have have found some conflicting info on dosages. Anyone wanting to chime in would be awesome.


Are you wearing a belt?

I get pretty bad lower back pumps whether I'm on or off (obviously much worse when on) but I've found that wearing a belt as tight as possible when doing RDLs and Squatting movements helps a bit.

Some people say 3g of taurine helps, but I need more. I usually try to avoid using it though.


Thanks for the quick reply Bonez

I don't wear a belt usually, but think i'm in the same boat as you, as i tend to get back pump even when not on. Just not this badly.

Any reason why you wouldn't use the taurine?


Laziness. And the fact that it's never actually completely alleviated the problem.

Since I started wearing a belt for my heaviest sets I've noticed an improvement. There are still times when I have to lay on the floor for a bit between sets but I just deal with it.


haha lying on the floor has been my remedy as well.

Problem that is concerning is the shoulder pumps that i have been getting. Might try the taurine.

Thanks for help mate


No problem

If you are experiencing pumps that bad I would not recommend using dianabol in the future. The lower back pumps from Havoc are not even close to what happens to me on Dbol. Water retention may have something to do with it though, not sure at all really.


I avoided taurine because I was told it was a CNS suppressant... and with all the ME work I was doing I wanted to do everything I could to ensure my CNS was far from suppressed!

I had bad back pumps... more when walking... a lot of lower leg discomfort too.


Taurine didnt really work for me...