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Not Another Fattie Bashing Thread


Lol really? Is this what mainstream media is gonna promote now?


If over 60% of the U.S. is considered overweight/obese, this is the perfect t.v. show for them.


The left wants to limit peoples desire for material things. This is done by attempting to shift focus into the mind and "loftier" pursuits. By feeding people cheap grain we can achieve world peace, end global hunger, and end global warming (has it been the coldest summer in recent memory or is it just me?). Point is to get people to buy in they have to stop caring about how they look. Who controls the media?

Conspiracy theory aside, America has become, for a large part, completely satisfied with a level of mediocrity that should be abhorred. And to help sell to them businesses are encouraged to pander to their desires. And they want to feel good about the life that they have all but crapped on, so viola we are left trying to congratulate fuck ups for being who they are. They should be proud of themselves! They fucked up all by themselves :slight_smile:

Also it should be noted that I don't think that being fat means you're a fuck up. I just believe that generally the type of person who would appreciate the show would be one who wants to be congratulated for mediocrity.




Wait wait I gotta che-

oh December 2008. Nevermind.


I so expected this to be a thread about your chicks ass...

Okay I hoped it was gonna be about the fattie hanging off her backside.



first of all TV broadcaster are NOT lefties


Can't you all just wait for those steamy hot tub scenes? You know the ones, where they sip champagne and feed each other strawberries.


... or butter sticks.




bon bons


Baby back ribs.
Whole pies.
2-gallon buckets of ice cream.

Shit, now I'm hungry.


Do you hear that?

That's your credibility forever diminished.

EDIT: But yeah, what a stupid show.


I know, this thread ain't shit without pix.


Meh, ratings are everything in the TV world. If enough people want to see fat folks dating and... beyond, then good for them, but I doubt it'll last a season.


Haha, just looked up the girls they selected out of curiosity, and here's one of them:

  • Mandy, a 26-year-old fitness and dance instructor from Long Beach, CA

I bet we could all learn a few fitness tips from her.


I think it's brilliant. Fat women are going to watch it because it makes them feel good about themselves, while men and thin women are going to watch it for the gross out factor.


Maybe that dress is slimming, or my wife has been away for 7 days and my standards are dropping rapidly, but I would call her curvy before fat...


She's a bit thick, but I'd still do her.


Yeah, that's not so big. I was hoping to see people who looked akin to marshmallow peeps. I had this image in my head of two people trying to wedge themselves into the Jacuzzi....