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Not Another Bacne Post

So yeah, all these posts… how the hell do you guys so casually talk about wiping your back down? Am I the only single dude here?

I’ve got a loofah but even then… its not that easy. Guy in another post was like yeah dude I wipe my back down with acne pads. Bro how? Lmao

So I actually wanted to know if because of the similarity between Accutane and Vit A is Vit A useful at all with improving the look of your skin? Or Treating acne on the back/shoulders?

I kind of imagine its probably also absorbed into the skin from the blood because of the similarity, just functions a little differently.

If you wanted a rapid clear up for an event in 2-3 days what would your strategy be?(no perfect solutions but I think you can improve it)

Cold showers. Hot Epsom salt bath with sasilyc acid body was in the bath. Then cold shower after the hot bath to reclose the pores.

Beach with sun exposure no sunscreen but short exposure time. Like 30 mins.

Changing the sheets.

I wish I had a walk in freezer to go stand in until i was shivering.

I have a pregnelone/dhea combo supp that I dont really take most of the time, except that I noticed taking 1 at night for 2-3 days noticeably decreased acne.

I assumed this was reduction in ar activation because you have lower androgenic molecules competing for recptors? Also im sure a chunk of that turns into estrogen. Some of it probably raises SHBG reducing some of your androgen effects?

Actually saw another post guy said pour some clorox into a bath and sit for 15 mins. I could see this kill bacteria if thats a contributing factor but id imagine the overall effect on your skin would be a little rough and would probably make your skin secrete more oil to protect itself.

It seems like most of what I read. Even from professionals is bro science. And I only mean that in the sense that treatments are so hit and miss from individual to individual.

Accutane seems solid in the sense that alot of people report running it for a few monthes. Even low doses and it like permanently goes away. Everything else about Accutane is pretty nuts.

200 test 500 Eq a week right now. 1 mg of arimidex. 15 mk677 15 cadarine (yes I actually put miles and miles in on my bike every week)

The mk677 and cardarine have never really contributed or taken away from it as far as I can tell.

Alot of people would be suspect of that arimidex but my e2 is dead center the range on it. When just doing 200 T cyp a week.

Pool party over the weekend with my nursing class air bnb big house. Me and 12 girls. No expectations just trying to be a little more presentable in the water.

Obviously they gonna get some acne but what would you do to minimize it on short notice.

I’d go buy some charcoal and make some one scrub my back if that would actually do anything.

Open minded but its gotta sound reasonable.

Skin feels slightly on the dry side and i feel like a furnace sweating. I know the sweats a problem.

Tanning bed. Low exposure on a really high end machine two or three days in a row. Like you said, no perfect solution, but that one works well enough.

Accutane is an analogue of retinoic ACID which is not vitamin A but a derivative which then acts on the receptor. If you got too little vitamin A it can help but if you have enough already it won’t do shit, you’ll likely just poison yourself.