Not Another 5/3/1 Log

Used to powerlift competitively up until last December. Best lifts (at around 255-260) were:

SQ: 507
BP: 335 (just missed 350 on about 978461678434676 different occasions)
DL: 550

These were raw (belt and wrist wraps)

nothing out of this world but I worked hard to get there. Been lazy over the past couple months, not really training for any competition/goal in particular and missing sessions here and there. I’ve been following everyone’s favorite method (5/3/1) and based on rep maxes top strength is down but not by too much.

Right now my goal is mainly to shed some bodyfat and get into better shape. I’d like to be under 230 come labor day.

Bodyweight: 251

Squats: 45x10 135x10 225x3 275x3 315x5 340x5 365x5 (no belt)
Bench: 135x10 185x10x4 sets
Chest Supported Rows: 90x10 115x10 140x10x3 sets
Leg raises: 3 sets of 10

Prowler pushes- 90x10 sets, 60 sec rest
a set is pushing from one end of this basketball court on the higher handles and back on the lower handles - don’t think it’s more than 30 or so yards for a set but I was hurting by the end

Elliptical: 30 min

Deadlift- 135x10 225x3 315x1 365x5 385x5 405x5
Military press- 45x10 95x5 140x5 150x5 160x5
Barbell curl- 65x15x3 sets
5 min easy

2 min Medium/1 min max tension X 4 sets

5 min eash

Squats- 45x10 135x10 225x5 275x5 315x5
Bench press- 45x10 135x10 185x5 230x5 245x5 260x5
Pull ups= 8 sets of 3 (bodyweight only)
Straight leg situps- 3x10 each side

Prowler- 90x10 sets
Elliptical- 10 min (cooldown)
Legs feeling really run down. Squats went kind of slow and barely made it through prowler sprints.


Elliptical - 30 min


Squat- 45x10 135x10 225x5 275x1 315x1 345x3 365x3 385x3
Incline bench- 45x10 135x10x5 sets
Dummbeell row- 75x10x5 sets
Leg raise- 3x12

Prowler sprints- 100x15 sets
Don’t know what got into me today, felt like I had an extra tank of gas or something

Cooldown- crossramp for 10 min


Elliptical- 30 min

fell behind a day…


Deadlift- 245x5 335x3 385x3 405x3 435x3
Overhead press- 95x6 145x3 155x3 165x3

10 back raises
50 rope jumps
10 sit ups
50 rope jumps
X3 sets

Clean and press- 100x10x5 sets
KB swing- 50x15x5 sets
Kept rest periods short
Crossramp- cooldown- 10 min


Elliptical- 30 min

Squats- 45x10 135x10 225x5 275x5 315x5
Bench- 45x10 135x10 185x5 225x3 245x3 260x3 275x3

Chin ups x3
Rope skip x50
Dip x10
Rope skip x50

for 7 sets - resting about 1 minute between sets

fell behind…

Deadlift- 155x5 265x5 365x5 405x3 455x1
Overhead press- 45x10 95x5 145x5 165x3 185x1

Back raises x10
rope skip x50
sit ups x10
rope skip x50

x5 sets

Prowler= 90x8 sets

Elliptical- 30 min


Squat- 45x10 135x10 225x5 275x5 315x5
Bench- 45x10 135x10 185x5 230x5 265x3 295x1

Chins (-100 lbs)x10
Rope skipx50
Rope skipx50

x5 sets

probably too much assistance on the chins. Wind has greatly improved.

would be a deload week anyway so I did everything in circuits

Squat- 225x10x4 sets
Pulldown- 135x10x4 sets
Step ups- bodyweightx10x4 sets
Push press- 100x10x4 sets

no rest between exercises 1 minute between sets

Step ups- 20 minutes, alternating legs- tiring but also pretty BORING

Elliptical- 25 minutes

Deadlits- 255x10x4 sets
Dip- bodyweightx10x4 sets
Step ups- bwtx10x4 sets
Barbell row-135x10x4 sets
no rest between exercises 1 minute between sets

Sit ups x20
Rope skips x50
Push ups x20
Rope skips x50
x 5 sets

Prowler- 140x3 sets

Run to bathroom to puke: 1 set

10 minutes cooldown on elliptical


Elliptical - 45 min