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Not Alternating Krypteia Assistance


I am running Krypteia and loving it, but I workout in a crowded gym and I find it difficult to get all of the necessary equipment locked down for 45 minutes in a workout.

Is it possible to run Krypteia without alternating the assistance work?

For example, on bench day, could I do bench followed by DB squat until I do the required number of sets of DB Squat, then switch to DB deadlift? This would allow for me to monopolize equipment for less time.


I suppose you do what you have to do but be realistic with expectations.

Then it’s not the Krypteia program - its a very well planned Triumvirate.

The point of the Kryp program is the constant movement/supersets done with 100% attention to form/speed/hypertrophy. It is not an easy program when done correctly and it is not for everyone.
There is nothing wrong with NOT doing it but the results will not be the same.

Hey Jim,

First, thanks for taking the time to respond I appreciate it. I may have been unclear so I just want to make sure I’ve got my question asked correctly. I definitely want to continue doing all the assistance work as supersets.

The modification that I hoped would work would be to knock out the first assistance movement sets supersetted with the warmup sets and 5/3/1 sets, then do the 2nd assistance movement supersetted with the FSL or BBB depending on the phase of krypteia. I noticed more fatigue on the assistance lifts doing it this way when I tried it briefly so I definitely could see why this would not be an effective modification.

Sorry in advance if you did understand my question initially, and the answer remains the same. What would the difference in results be doing it this way rather than as written?

I don’t think that modification would be a huge deal, but I don’t know why it would be logistically easier to pull off. For example, for BP day I bring a couple of DB’s near the bench for SLDL’s, and one other for DB goblet squats. That doesn’t take much space, and wouldn’t really save any if I only did one assistance at a time. Same of OHP day.

For Squat/DL days, if you are doing pull ups and dips you can usually do pull ups right on the rack’s pull up bar, and then just move out when you need the dip station.

Yeah I see your point. I think I may just have too many qualifiers to pull this off where I’m at right now. Dips are not a good movement for me because they aggravate my sternum a lot for some reason. Because of that, I opted for incline DB press, which isn’t really a big deal on squat day but it is a major pain on deadlift day (gym also only has round plates at the deadlift platform). My gym also only has 1 set of each dumbbell above 50 lbs, so I get this nagging thought (and sometimes people) that it’s poor etiquette to monopolize them for 45 minutes during peak time.

I’m could be wrong but what I believe Jim was saying is that there’s nothing wrong with doing this, BUT if you make this change it isn’t the Krypteia program. That’s not saying it’s a bad idea or won’t work for you, just that it’s no longer the program

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