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Not All Diluent is the Same. Or, Why My HCG Shots Stung So Badly


When my pharmacy shipped my HCG, they forgot to include the diluent. No biggie, I thought - I called about 10 local pharmacies before I found one that would a) sell to me without a prescription and b) had it in stock and I didn’t have to buy 100 bottles. I didn’t want to wait 4 days before starting my meds.

Raced to the pharmacy and paid $10 for the bottle on the left.

It said all the right things. i.e. diluent, sterile, for injection. Made in IL. Must be good.

Added 5ml to my HCG and ready for the first injection, which was going to be my quad. IT STUNG LIKE A BITCH! Absolutely awful, and it made my test cyp. IM injection feel painless. I thought I messed up the site, so switched to the other leg. Same results.

Switched to my belly for the next 9 injections and each one sucked as badly as the first. It was so bad that my hand would be shaking by the end of it. I would just muscle through it.

I used up the last of that vial and used the water that the pharmacy sent (bigger bottle on the right in the above pic) to mix up my new vial - . Today I did my first injection, and it was absolutely painless!

There aren’t many visible differences on the bottle. The smaller (bad) bottle that hurt listed no other added substances.

Whereas the bigger (good) bottle listed that benzyl alcohol was added.

I did a lot of searches about painful HCG injections and didn’t come up with a lot of help, so if yours are as painful as mine were, then you’re using the wrong diluent.

Now I can consider switch my HCG injections to E2D rather than twice a week. They were too painful to consider doing more of them!