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Not All Big Guys Do 'Roids


To newbies;




This is a drawing of the statue of the Farnese Hercules, the representation of him comes from the vision of a weary Hercules at the end of his many trial he is in rpose leaning on his club draped with the skin of the Nemean Lion in his other hand held behind his back he clutches the Apples of Hesperides.

The Chronicler Ulisse Aldrovandi wrote in 1592 that the statue had been unearthed in 1546 in the ruins of the Baths of Caracellea.


a darwing huh? we'll i can draw a ufo, does it mean they exist? that guy look's better than almost any BB i have ever seen. to good to be true?


Great message.

However notice the difference between the 'Classic Greek Statue' and today's Mr. Olympias. The difference between natural huge and steroid huge becomes obvious.


A 264 year old statue is your proof?





thats interesting. Those greek staturs where designed after what was supposed to be the "ideal man". yet someone must have existed that showed them what that was. even if the model was proportionally smaller, and the artist made it larger its still impressive


That statue guy isn't all the ripped anyways, he's not even wearing shoes :smiley:


Are you trying to tell me that he's not juicing? Look at his testicles.



You have provided a great message for all of those young guys out there who want to stay clean, ripped, strong and healthy!


I was thinking the same, lol




I'd like to point out that that statue appears to be Roman, not Greek. The romans tended to exagerate and bastardize the Greek ideal for a physique. The greeks did not portry Hercules with nearly that much muscle.


Well, Greek and Roman artists often mixed and matched body parts from different models. I think it's likely that there was someone out there with those shoulders, someone else with those calves, etc.


Thanks Zebby! I thought it may be useful to some new guys (and even some vets)


Just a reminder... The point of the picture is written in the title. I think the debate over whether it's of Roman or Greek origin is not exactly the point.


Dont fotget it is a work of art i.e an idealized version of this artists impression of Hercules.I doubt the artists model looked even remotly like the figure.


LOL, ok now for the reality of this message. There are people that can attain massively scary physiques without steroids. The problem is they were born that way. I can't beleive other people have gone to high school and didn't have at least one kid that for some reason was much larger than everyone else. Or worked at a factory where some giant lumbered around the floor. He does the same work as everyone else but for some reason his forearms are massive and just overall has a huge bone structure.

If you were not born with that bone structure or muscle mass you are not going to get there without "help". You can improve greatly on what you have. But you're not goind to be one of the monsters.



a) Who says?

b) But I am on the inside!

c) Why set limits for yourself?

d) Where's my shoe?