Not Absorbing Test SubQ?

Hey guys,

So i was wondering if it is possible for someone to not absorb test enanthate well when administered by
Subcutaneous injection?

I pinned 150mg of test e subq and 72 hours later went to check my levels total test was 426 ng/dl. Everyone told me test is bunk and i attacked the guy who sent me the amps and he swears they are from thr pharmacy (i must say that they are all dosed exactly the same and look the same, and also habe all the qualifications to be legit, also overdosed to about 1.2 ml, every single one of them).

So i went and compared it to my homebrew, pinned the same dose IM felt the goost after a few hours, horny as hell the next day, boners everywhere.
Started dropping off towards the end of the week and i pinned again the same dose subq. Feeling oike sh1t, as if i havent pinned at all.

What is at play here? Did I attack the guy for no reasons?
Is it possible that i am absorbing like 50% of test subQ?

Your blood levels should increase within that time frame. I;ve heard test is rarely faked but I don’t know. On another note though… its Test E… so I doubt you legit felt good from it after a few hours. Placebo my man.

It’s supposed to be a slower release from subq but I have no idea exactly what the time release is meant to be on it.

I can feel the surge of energy and libido, and alpha feeling about 12 hours post larger injection, 125mg +.

LOL sure man. Hulk out.

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I took 62 mg ever 3.5 days for 3 months sub q and my total t was in the 700’s

My understanding is that IM will absorb quicker since it is injected directly into the bloodstream whereas subQ goes into fat. If you have a lot of fat, you may have trouble absorbing quickly enough into the bloodstream.

There is a doctor out of the UK putting out videos of his guys running subQ injections daily for TRT and having a lot of success with it. I do believe there are some other guys here who are doing similar protocols using micro dosing for TRT.

I don’t know your situation if you’re running TRT or a cycle.

62.5 mg 2x per week.

Some guys respond much better to IN, some guys to sub-Q. Do the stuff that you have a question about as an IM shot and see. Either way, the injection forms a depot (or bolus if you prefer) that the body breaks down for use. Better blood flow to the muscles is going to affect that.

I just watched the graph showing absorption of hcg im vs subq anf im absorption has a much higher peak and overall more hcg ends up in blood.

Could it be the same with testosterone? Or is it different since it is an oily solution?

You may not actually operate the same as the graph. Some guys “feel” the test a lot more when administering it IM, for whatever reason.

This is me absolutely. I can feel IM shot, wellbeing, increased energy, positive thoughts.

SubQ sometimes i feel meh, nothing and sometimes i feel worse the following days, as if i havent taken the shot at all.