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Not a PLer, But Want to Try PLing Ideas for Front Squat


So I don’t power lift and dont really train like power lifters but now I need to call on your expertise. I’m chasing a 405 no belt front squat and I’m stuck. You guys are the best at chasing PR’s which is not something I’ve ever really done until now. I’m currently at 385 which I can hit for a 3 singles. I’ve considered maybe my back being weak but I dont think its the cause because I pull 555 beltless so I think my back is not my weakness. Do you guys have any training programs that you guys would suggest trying to or rep schemes or just any ideas. I usually front squat twice a week one day for 5 heavy single and another of 5x5 moving the weight fast. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I’m 5’8 and 178 pounds
bench: unknown
Squat: 445 no belt
Deadlift: 555 no belt


You could look Louie Simmons and try a Westside approach . He uses a lot of assistance exercises. You could try the safety squat bar. it sucks and feels a bit like a front squat.
Westside dynamic day is more like doubles and triples 50-70% rather sets of 5. . You would eventually try bands and chains too.

Also check out this thread Westside for Olympic Lifting


Thanks you the tips, got anything to replace the safety bar, I lift at my school rec center so I don’t have access to one


No not really. Not necessary IMO. But Simmons is big on them . You could ask them to buy one. Or perhaps the metal work shop to make you one. The centre of balance is shifted .

This not an endorsement of the company. I haven’t used this brand.


Your lower back is strong enough to pull in the mid 500s for sure, but are your upper and middle back strong enough to hold 405 lbs in the front rack? That’s the part of the back front squats usually rely on. Chest supported rows, t-bar rows, seal rows, pull-ups: those will help. Also paused front squats at around 80% for doubles.


If you can squat 385 for 3 singles then I’m pretty sure you could squat 405 if you peaked for it. Reduce volume for a week or two but keep intensity high, then take a deload and squat 405 at the end of it.


I think a lot of it is mental right now because I tried 405 a few months back when I wasn’t ready. The result was a mangled hand and nerve damage in my wrist…