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Not a Huge Appetite, Lifted Anyway


So I need some opinions.

I've been going through spells of having a really small appetite for days at a time.
I eat breakfast, take vitamins, get 7-8hrs/sleep/night, workout 4-5x/week, and try to eat healthy. I maintain about 175lb most of the time, and my body fat is pretty low.

I hate working out on days where I feel as though I haven't eaten much, but I usually do anyway. The results on said days is usually worse results, less reps, etc. It's pretty disconcerting, but I feel better about lifting less than not lifting at all.

So my question would be ..
Would it be in my best interests to skip the gym and eat more... or to use the gym even on days when I'm having trouble with appetite?

Forgive me if this is confusing, I'll clarify further if need-be.




What happened to eating enough so you can train in a way that leads to the most progress?

This is the bodybuilding forum. You seem lost.


LOL. Ya, if you have to ask that question you're probably in the wrong place.


Ha! I totally agree man. No sense in lifting if you don't have sufficient energy.


I have a really bad appetite in the morning but I go to the gym anyway and train not long afterwards still trudge along and made some good gains.


I'm making gains.
I just hit 100x 10 on dumbbell press today.
I just don't feel great when I'm in the gym. Like I'm fatigued.

I eat as much as I can, I drink about a gallon of whole milk a day.
I eat a ton of sliced turkey, oatmeal, etc.
Maybe this is the wrong forum (sorry it's been a long day).

I've tried B12 and other things to get my energy and appetite up when it's lacking but besides that I just am at a loss for what to do sometimes. I guess I came to the wrong place.


I don't understand people like you. I remember eating when I did not feel hungry. I remember eating when I was still a little full from 3 hours previous. All of that was so I could give my body what it needed to keep making progress.

Is this the new trend in "hardcore lifting"? Stop eating because your tummy feels funny? Stop making progress because you had to burp 5 times today?

Excuse me....It is almost 4:30 and that means it is time for another protein shake...whether I "feel like it" or not.


You did. The big people here ate whether they had an appetite or not and our bodies adapted over time to the point that we NEEDED more food.

I guess we want this more than you do.

Yep, you came to the wrong place.


Alright guys, well thanks for the advice.
I'll see what I can do.


This is what I needed to hear to snap me into realization I'm not eating enough to make serious gains. Thanks.


If your lack of appetite is something new go to the doctors.

Normally with good sleep and training hard and frequent your appetite should be raging.

Then again maybe you are just not used to eating alot as others said.


About to go to the gym and not hungry and ate probably 3 hours ago but...good motivation as stated earlier


I'm sorry what were you saying i was to busy watching that girl take her pants off and eating another 1 and a half chicken breasts brown rice and veggies, after my last meal two hours ago.


Isn't it possible that this kid's just "overtraining" or stressed.


Eating higher density foods can help a bit, like eating some less clean foods like pizza/burgers/chicken wings. Sometimes when I'm feeling run down I'll eat a whole pizza to jump start my weight gain and restore my energy, I'll usually do this the right after I had a lackluster day at the gym or the following day. You need excess energy to build muscle, don't half ass your intake.

Also getting some sugar and caffiene or something similar before your workout can help.


like everyone else said Just eat!

i dont feel hungry at all after i train i dont feel like eating and could go a few hours without feeling hungry but i still eat cause i know thats what i have to do.


Yes and your point?




:stuck_out_tongue: People like him annoy me it obviously has nothing to do with the original topic. But insists on causing conflict, and trying to get one better on everyone. Sure he's a nice bloke but I'm going to stick my neck out and say probably got bullied as a child.


Indeed, he did...sadly. Because X is right. Overtrained, undertrained, during training, dreaming of training your body automatically craves food to fuel and refuel all the energy you've lost. How can you drive a car with no gas? Hence, how can you workout and expect gains without the most basic, fundamental principal...NUTRITION!