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NOT a First Amendment Issue, Folks!


Oh my Hell…

Some adult sneaked this poster into a North Stanley (NC) football Game last week for representatives of the school in uniform (the Cheerleaders) to hold up. (Following so far?).

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association put them on probation (DIDN’T punish them…they are still cheering)…but put them on notice simply to not do it again. because it’s against Policy.

A representative of North Stanley Schools then clarified:

“This policy does not prohibit students from speaking their minds or engaging in protected First Amendment activities,”.Because the cheerleaders were in uniform and were acting as representatives of the school; the display of the sign could be perceived as the school or school system endorsing a political campaign.,"

"For this reason, the only action Stanley County Schools has taken is to ask the cheerleaders not to display the sign again."

My hell, you would have thought the Jack Boots were released and were confiscating the guns with all of the yells and screams of “First Amendment”! “Free Speech”! “What is it was an OBAMA or BIDEN sign”!

And of course; the Divider in Chief had to weigh in on Twitter, further inflaming the issue.

NOT a First Amendment issue, folks!

(Can our Military People weigh in…please…on what they can…and cannot do while in uniform?)


(Google the issue if you somehow need more detail).

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Most likely these naive young women felt that they were just being “patriotic”. (or not…who knows…)

I sure hope some responsible adult gave these young women a lesson on free speech; the First Amendment; and how as representatives of an institution with set policies, they were in the wrong on this one.

Hopefully the lesson came from their parents.

I agree with you that if in uniform they should follow the policies of that intuition. It’s not a free speech issue. Having said that the team owners of the NFL had the right to demand players not kneel for the national anthem for the same reason. And it doesn’t matter but I’m sure if it was a Democrat campaign banner the school wouldn’t have said a thing. Not looking to start an argument, I’m just saying.

I’m calling bullshit.

First; this was in the middle of “Trump Country”…which means a Biden, or Warren or Sanders banner most likely would have never been sneaked into the game in the first place…and if so; the cheerleaders most likely would have never held it up.

Second. There would have been such a public uproar, that members the High School Athletic Association and the School Board would have been asked to resign.

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Could be. As I said, I’m not looking to be argumentative, I just constantly see the bias in the universities, media, etc. These things only seem to be an issue when it’s the other side. And I’m not as politically savvy as you, I’ve read some of your posts, I’m just seeing it through average Joe eyes.

Thank you for the compliment, @ntrojnky…but people on this site can run circles around me many times over in terms of their political knowledge.

And guess what? The First Amendment protects our right to agree to disagree!

(How cool is that?)

Well said sir. Too bad much of the country fails to see things that way these days.

I don’t think it is either. It’s crybullies on both sides acting like assholes then pointing at the other side and yelling “Look what they did to me/us!”.

I miss the good ole days before the proliferation of cell phone cams and viral outrage. Now every dust bunny is a hill to die upon for some stooge or group of stooges.


Why does the sign say Make America Great Again? Trump hasn’t made the country great again after being in office this long? Maybe we should get a new President since clearly this person can’t make the country great again. That’s ok we thought he could but after all this time America still sucks.

What was the exact time it stopped being great and why?



Why? Well, you know why… Nudge nudge winkwink :wink:


If you are in uniform, you are sworn to the Commander-in-Chief. You cannot actively support any political party. Off duty, out of uniform and in civilian clothes, you have the right to support whomever you wish, as long as its off the base.

As a Federal employee, you cannot support anyone in the workplace, no stickers, hats, or campaign posters. In the workplace, you cannot go to other federal employees and try to convince them to vote for your candidate. Outside the Federal work place, you are free to support your choice.


The sad part is weak adults getting their kids in early on being sheep for politicians. What happened to kids not wanting to conform to their parents’ beliefs?

I don’t see anything wrong with the school policy but I once again feel bad for the children in this case.

Like Covington, kids whose behavior was benign at worst are getting a national spotlight shined on them. Outrage sells though. Those kids will sell a lot of ads.

They are kids. This may surprise you, but they often like what they like and do what they do absent any sort of parental or adult input.

My kid wears MAGA hats, or at least he did for a while in high school. Lots of his friends on the hockey team did. There’s even gasp pictures of him in his school logo hockey team jacket with a MAGA hat on floating around the Internet.

Would I be upset if he got a slap on the wrist from his school? No, even if I think it’s a silly rule.

Would I be upset if he suddenly became national news? Yes. Very.


You expected him to undo hundreds of years of badness, in three? Not gonna happen. Progressives don’t believe the U.S. has ever been great. Conservatives believe it was kind of great at one time, if you ignore certain things and make excuses for others.

As always; thank you for your input, @idaho,

Sometimes these things can be so embroiled in peoples biases that you can’t tell which end is up.

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All indications are that this was all propagated by…(wait for it)…“adults”…

(We’ve discussed Covington ad naseum. Suffice it to say that “adults” could have diffused the whole situation).

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Given that a parent snuck the banner in, that doesn’t apply here.

Because he’s politically savvy, or because he wants to appear edgy and get attention?

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Hundreds? It’s only 8 years, you know, America’s black face, I mean phase.

I don’t think you have scientific studies to back that up but my experience says they believe it can be better.

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Big Hair and Glam Rock?

I thought the MAGA humanoids saw the Reagan years as the high point for America.