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Not a Fan of the New TNation Forums

So after a bit of a layoff (from Tnation not training;) just a few words - some things not a fan of. Kinda of surprised when came back I first I thought someone had made a duplicate site trying to look like Tnation then I noticed - nope somet things been changed up well here are some other Things would like to see changed that have been errr…changed

First and foremost Not a fan of not being able to change our Username. This was something (NOW a while ago used to be able to do with ease) - why is this a big deal

Secondly the way the Forum looks now - before you had dark blacks with distinct yellow text and I was really digging it.

The look now is just too much white and it just pales in comparison - not sure why we needed a change on this. All though I can see how this has made posts much quicker and really been brought up to current age as far as making more intuitive and easier to use. Still liked older look better.

As Tnation has always been my favorite space to come to when it came to forums to get advice and or look at whats being posted.

I would like to see more articles and pictures of guys who are not so juiced looking but thats prolly still a farcry from happening. Like who look a little more natural with out looking like something photoshopped. I get it - it deserves attention and is striking to look at - but I think can lead to some unhealthy pursuits especially for guys who are younger. And I just think also not really for that reason cause I remeber what age I discovered this site - I think just be nice to have a balance. But hey overall neglecting this last if you must; cause OVERALL

just want to keep it Tnation and keep it looking like it. I think these things should be considered is all. Tankyou

History of Strength Sports did a little snapshot of late 90s/early 00s strength related internet content. Featured in one of their posts is an early version of this site.



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To add to that, if you go to archive.org and type t-nation.com you can look at snapshots from pretty much all the years from 2000 up to 2021 of the website, or virtually any other website for that matter.

As somebody who frequently suffers from nostalgia, I consider Archive to be one of the best gems on the internet.

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