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Not A Beginner's Cycle


test cypionate. 1000mgs weekly for 20 wks
Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) 800 mgs 20 weeks
deca-durabol 450mgs weekly 1-6 weeks.
dbol 40 mgs/ed 1-6 weeks
winni v 100mgs eod last 6 weeks(week 15-20)
trenbolone acetate (finaject) 75 mgs eod last 6 weeks(week 15-20)
anadrol weeks 10-12 100mg/ed week 11 150mg/ed
hcg- 500iu/day week 10-11 1000iu week19-21

armidex 1mg/ed last 6 weeks(week 15-20)
proviron week 8-12 50mg/ed week 13-20 75mg/ed
clomid 50mg/ed week 20-21 100mg/ed week 22
nolvadex-week 25-27 20mg/ed



have you ever tried a cycle like that?
you know alot of big strong men pass away out here in los angeles. i can only wonder if they were trying something like this.
i would be a total paranoid, foaming at the mouth if i tried 3/4 of this.
hell, i don't think i would make it.


no offense, but what's the point of that cycle?

personally, if i knew someone ran a gram of test with no anti-e's, i'd go buy them the prettiest damn sports bra i could find. why run the d-bol with EQ, either? seriosuly, this whole cycle is confusing....the PCT timing seems a bit off, too....have you used this before?


you might just "burst" litteraly.


Raul... what?? You are perpetuating myths. Who are you bro? I'm refraining from jumping on the flame wagon like others are against you... but I don't get your posts at all.

On to his cycle.

I don't understand why you are running Deca for only 6 weeks at the beginning.. Plus you're running it along Equipose, which is similar, abeit boldenone, they are compared often.

I don't know if you're spacing the orals out enough.

100mg of Winstrol? My knees squeak just reading that.

Other than that, it's not out of this world.. and I don't agree on your HCG protocol AT ALL.


...not likely


thats a ton of gear. overall i don't like it all that much...i think it could be simplified a lot! with all the gear you want to run...i'd personally restructure it as follows......

weeks 1-20: cyp 1000mg
weeks 1-20: eq 800mg
weeks 1-3 & weeks 6-8: d-bol 40 mg ED
weeks 11-13: drol 100mg ED
weeks 18-23: winny 100mg EOD, tren 75mg EOD

i would drop the deca...and break up your orals a little more, and also keep them at a constant dosage.

i'd switch up your HCG protocol, and start a weekend protocol of 500 IU sat/sun from week 3 on. just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt.

better run the a-dex throughout....at least 0.5 mg EOD,probably should be ED.and you may have to bump the dosage up. have nolva on hand.

your PCT timing is off. why would you start less than a week after your last injection? start on week 24...or 25 may be on the more realistic side. drop the proviron during your cycle.

you'll need a very agressive PCT. Clomid and nolva. concurrently, or clomid for 2 weeks at 100mg ED, follwed by 3-4 weeks of nolva.

just my 2 cc's. others may not agree, or have better suggestions. personally i wouldn't do a cycle like this...the dosages are too much for my liking, and the duration is too long.

good luck.


thats 6 androgens 1 hardener 1 prohormone whats hcg? wow! its what makes pregnant woman get that cave woman look. and 4 anti estrogens.
sounds like what i hear alot of people calling the stack.
i will call it deadly.


I agree with Juice, except for Tren EOD. I've personally never ran tren, but from what my brothers tell me, EOD with Tren Acetate is a recipe for mood swings and sides. ED is more suitable.

Raul..lol....where do you see a prohormone listed? You're kind of funny, in a sloppy drunk guy at the party kind of way.


After this cycle, Pee Wee Herman could enter the WWE.


I think it looks like fun. However I'm going to agree with Juice's advice and say space out your orals more. ALso I'm guessing your using deca for the joint protection, if so I'd run it along with the tren and winny since both make me REAL strong but winny dries me out so = high chance for an injury. ALso I'd put the eq in the beggining so that you get the HUNGER effects, but I'd drop it around the time I started the deca. That would be my advice. And I would say that on a loong cycle like this you should "keep your horses in the stable" and run hcg from about 3-5 weeks in to the end.