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A few months after I began training in a powerlifting-oriented style, I started getting nosebleeds. Sometimes while lifting, but most often within an hour or so of lifting. I know this is common enough in PLing so that doesn't concern me, but it seems that they're increasing in frequency. What is worse is I've gotten a few nosebleeds at times completely unrelated to lifting. This concerns me slightly since I could probably count the number of nosebleeds I've ever had prior to lifting on one hand, so it's not a common occurrence. Are these random nosebleeds something to worry about?

Also, perhaps an important thing: I'm prescribed Adderall XR 25mg per day, which I take as prescribed, though I generally avoid other stimulants. I use caffeine occasionally (like maybe one cup of coffee a week) and ephedrine even more rarely, and never before lifting.


stop snorting the XR beads.


I would check with a doctor post haste. Get a full blood profile done.


x2 go see your doc, prob wouldn't hurt to stop an extra rep short of failure in training and see if that makes a difference