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Nose Tork and Caffeine - 16 Y/O Genetic Freak Log

I’ve wanted a place to log my training publicly for a long time, so I figured T-Nation would be the place to do it. A little bit about me, I’ve been training for powerlifting for a year now, and it’s all I do. I don’t play football or any other sports, I powerlift. I have no coach, I’m completely self taught in the sport. No planned nutrition, just eat whatever I want and eat a little less if I need to lose weight, I’m planning on running the Conjugate Method starting on August 8th to USAPL Raw Nationals where I want to total 1600 raw in the 265 class.

My current stats and best lifts
265 class (goal is to weigh in at 243, currently 248)
565 lbs squat (competition)
345 lbs bench (competition)
575 lbs deadlift (competition)

I look forward to sharing my training cycle with you guys.

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Training from the past couple days has been fun, I’m doing some conjugate type stuff up until the 8th, then I start training for the meet.

Saturday - ME Lower

600 lbs deadlift with reverse light bands


  • 3x10

Lat Pulldown

  • 3x12

45 degree back raise

  • 3x10

Sunday - DE Upper

Speed bench 135+double average bands

  • 3x3 close grip with 30 seconds rest

  • 3x3 competition grip with 30 seconds rest

  • 3x3 wide grip with 30 seconds rest

Floor Press

  • 135 lbs for 10 reps

  • 225 lbs for 3x5

Side Lateral Raises

  • 3x10

Hammer Curls

  • 3x10 followed by drop set

Tricep Pushdowns

  • 3x12

Band Pull-Aparts

  • 3x30

It’s fun being able to mess around with this type of training, as I’ve wanted to try it for a long time, doing a dynamic type squat day tomorrow. Most of my training videos are on my IG @eisch_strong I’ll continue posting them there unless I get asked to post them here.

Train hard.

Well you’re depressingly strong for a kid your age


Hahaha, thanks, brother. It’s all the Panda Express.

Monday - DE Lower
Front Squat

  • 405 lbs for 6 doubles (First set in video)


Speed Pulls

  • 405+60 lbs of chain for 8 singles (5 of which are in the video)


Decided to call it quits after these, the front squats stayed fast but took a lot out of me as this is the first time I’ve front squatted in six months, and the most I’ve ever done before was 315 lbs. I’m working off a theoretical max of 480 but with how these felt I think I’m good for 495. The little catch on the deadlift was cause I was using a deadlift bar and I’m not used to the whip, so it almost threw me forward, only 5 on video cause I decided to speed things up a bit after my first 3 singles. Tomorrow is rest day, so more updates to come on Wednesday.

Train hard.

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Wednesday - DE Lower (Deadlift Emphasized)

  • 405+60 lbs of band tension (sumo) for a double

  • 315+60 lbs of band tension (conventional) 4x2

Block Pulls Above Knee

  • 405 for 15

  • 500 for 8

So good and bad news.

Bad news - My quad tendon hurt so bad today while lifting I could hardly walk.

Good news - An ice bath followed by a scalding shower fixed that right up, also, tomorrow is upper body so I don’t have to worry about aggravating it and I can take off lower until the 8th. Also have an ART appointment booked so that’ll help even more, and this helped me learn more about my body.

Train hard.

Thursday - ME Upper
Pause Competition Bench Press - 365 lbs (20 lbs PR in one week!)

Bench Press w/ Chains

  • 225 lbs for 3x3

Overhead Tricep Extension

  • 45 lbs DB for 3x12

Dumbbell Curl

  • 45 lbs DB for 3x8-10

Standing Overhead DB Press

  • 60 lbs DB for 3x10

Side Lateral Raise

  • 50 rep drop set

So bench today was only supposed to be a ME on bench with chains, but I got to 315 plus the chains and it felt way too easy even with a pause, so I figured since my triceps are now no longer injured I should see what I have in the tank. Super excited to have hit this 365! Means I’m one step closer to my goal of 405 by the end of the year.

Train hard.

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Saturday - Messing around with wraps

Today I decided I just wanted to work up to see if I could hit any half decent numbers in an old 2 meter pair of Inzer Grippers a friend loaned me. My wrap job was really bad, since I had to self wrap and I’ve never worn knee wraps before.

  • 500x1 in wraps (I smashed my left pinky and right ring finger between the bar and the rack on this one)

  • 500x1 in wraps (The goal with this one was to not smash my finger)

  • 545x1 in wraps (Was the same speed as 500)

  • 565x1 in wraps (Meet PR in sleeves, moved like an opener)

  • 585x1 in wraps (20 lbs all time PR)


Everything felt really good today other than smashing my finger, 585 felt like it moved like an easy second attempt, can’t wait to see what I can hit in a 3 meter pair of wraps with a good wrap job in November. Gunning for ya, Lilliebridges :grin:

Train hard.

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My sentiments exactly. Use your gifts wisely my young friend.


Thanks, man. I’m doing my best to do just that.

Monday - ME Lower (Deadlift)

3" Deficit Deadlift - 545 lbs

Back off

  • 425 lbs for 5x3

Goodmornings off of Pins

  • 225 for 3x8

DB Curls

  • 3x12

That lockout was really difficult on the deadlift as I’m sure you could see, and I think it’s funny I can pull more conventional off of a deficit than off the floor cause I can get into a better position. Overall today was a really good session and a great start to the actual training cycle for nationals.

Train hard.

Wednesday - DE Upper
Speed Bench 165+Average Bands

  • 3x3 close grip with 20 sec rest

  • 3x3 med grip with 20 sec rest

  • 3x3 wide grip with 20 sec rest

Incline DB Press

  • 3x8-12

Tricep Pushdowns

  • 2x20

DB Hammer Curls

  • 3x10 followed by 40 rep drop set

DB Side Lateral Raises

  • 3x10

Today’s speed bench didn’t move as fast as I wanted it to, I didn’t count the estimate of the bands in the weight I was using so that greatly affected my ability to move it quickly for all my sets, taking note and adjusting in the future.

Train hard.

Thursday - DE Lower
Slightly above parallel box squat 425+average bands

  • 10 doubles


Speed Pulls w/ 405+60 lbs of chain

  • 8 singles in a minute and a half

Block Pulls just below knee

  • 500 lbs for 3x5


Yoke Walks

  • 455 for 80 yards

Today was overall a good day, more than likely gonna add a little bit more band tension and move the box to parallel exactly on the second week of the wave for the box squats. The yoke walks were death but I think that I’ll continue to do them. I figured this time around I’d let you guys know my post workout meal - 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk and 3 Sausage McMuffins with Hash browns.

Train hard.

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Friday - ME Upper
Floor Press w/ Chains ~355 lbs

Back off

  • 275 lbs for 5x3

Band Pullaparts/Tricep Pushdowns

  • 3 sets to failure

So I’ve had some bad problems with tricep tendinitis in the past and it made a guest appearance today, thinking about moving my ME Upper to Saturday so I have one more day to recover from my DE Upper. Five days until I press again so hopefully that break will help a bit.

Train hard.

Monday - ME Lower (Squat)

Squat with 60 lbs of chain

  • 565 lbs bar weight

The 565 with chains flew up, so I decided to go with a straight weight PR, which I should probably stop doing in training…

  • 605 lbs raw squat (sleeves)


Back Off

  • 405+60 lbs chain for 3x3

Rack Pulls (Just above knee)

  • 500 for 2x5

  • 405 for 20 reps

It was a really good day yesterdsay! 600 was originally my squat goal for raw nationals, but I’m still 9 weeks out so I think I’m going to shoot for 650 at raw nationals and then 700+ in wraps at UPA Power Weekend. Resting up today, bringing my weight back under control cause I’m up to 252. Big things to come.

Also, first time I squatted 500 pounds was 2 months ago…

Train hard.

Jesus christ, thats some strength! Keep it up bud!

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Wednesday - DE Upper
Speed Bench 135+Average Bands

  • 3x3 close grip with 20 sec rest

  • 3x3 med grip with 20 sec rest

  • 3x3 wide grip with 20 sec rest

Incline DB Press

  • 3x10

Lat Pulldown

  • 3x10-12

Tricep Pushdowns

  • 2x20

DB Hammer Curls

  • 2x10 (Elbows hurt really bad)

Side Lateral Raises

  • 3x10

DE Upper has to be my favorite day other than ME Lower simply because of the way I work the speed bench, I’m usually out of the gym in an hour too which is a nice change from usually 1.5-2.5 hours. Triceps are still bugging me a little bit, but I’m heeding my own advice and moving ME Upper to Saturday instead of Friday so I have an extended recovery for my arms. Things are coming along great overall. Talk to you guys tomorrow.

Train hard.

You may find elbow sleeves helpful

I’ve got some compression cuffs from Mark Bell that help a lot, my fear with getting elbow sleeves is I’ll get too used to them and it’ll feel weird benching without them come competition. Kinda like it feels weird squatting without knee sleeves.

Thursday - DE Lower
Parallel Box Squats with 315 lbs+120 lbs of band tension

  • 8x2

Block Pulls (Mid-Shin)

  • 500 for 5

  • 585 for 2x3

Speed Pulls w/ 455 lbs straight weight

  • 8 singles in a minute

Sled Pulls

  • 300 lbs for 80 total yards

I made the planned adjustments for the box squats and everything went awesome. With the speed pulls I’m trying to decrease the time each week that I can get the reps done in, and the speed with which I’m pulling.

Train hard.