nose surgery

I’m a hockey player, and I’ve been hit in the nose really good a couple times this year, and once last year. One time someone slashed me in the face real hard, and then I just ran into a kid in practice today and slammed it pretty good. My dilemma is that I have about a year left to play, but I really need my nose fixed. Should I wait until I’m done playing and suffer w/ this ugly thing until then or get it fixed and just play with a full cage or something? Also, the goalie that sits next to me mentioned that one of his teachers had this thing done to his nose where the cartilage was removed and you could just push it in and it wouldn’t break or anything, has anyone else heard about this?

I believe a lot of boxers have this done (though I’m no boxer, and really don’t know any personally). You might be able to find more info on a boxing site. But otherwise I’d wait.

I too would wait. Unless, of course, you are having issues breathing. But it sounds like you are taking a beating to the face every month or so and nose surgery is not fun. Nor is it cheap. I had to have mine fixed because of a racquetball accident. My surgery was done by a very good doctor in the DC area. But even with a good doctor I was still laid up for a week and it was a couple of weeks before I felt good again. Try and not get the type of surgery where they basically bust your nose up good and then pack your sinuses/nose with all kinds of gauze to keep it in place. My surgeon was ablee to fix my nose without doing this and it made life a whole lot easier.


Neato, from what I understand, with rhinoplasty they have to break the bone. What they’d have to do for mine is break it and chisel it down. Could you explain yours a bit more.

Nose surgey is basicly an in and out procedure now a these days. Although you may have black and blue marks for about a week or so.

I never had the type of surgery that you’ve decribed. Though when I was young in high school I had a nose job to help my breathing.

So if you need help breathing I suggest u to do it Now rather then weight.