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Nose Bleeds?


How often do you get one? Recentley I have been getting around 2 a day for the last week. They mostly happen at night, and then in the morning, and pretty much everytime I blow my nose there is blood in my tissue.

About 10 minutes ago I have had the biggest one ever. I have never seen so much blood in my life. When I pulled the tissue away, a good 3 second stream of blood poured out of my nose. Then a big bloody boogie the size of an egg came out.

Anyone else expirence things like this? Should I maybe see a doctor or is this normal?


Is your humidifier working in your house? Have you had them before?

My blood vessels in my nose are really close to the surface, which can cause a bloody nose very easily.

If the air is dry, that can dry out the skin and make the blood vessels prone to breaking open.

If you haven't had bloody noses before and all of a sudden you are getting them, it's best to go see a doctor. But, if you've had them in the past, it might be the air.


Ask your doctor if it is okay for you to have your nose quaterized. I I did, and it reduced my nosebleeds from one or two a week to a couple a year.


In the Words of the great LT "Dont do coke"


How is your blood pressure?

Simpsons qoute- Cheif Wiggum giving babysitter instructions to Lisa; "If Ralphies nose starts bleeding, he may be picking his nose to much... or not enough."


When I was a kid I used to get nose bleeds from hell. I would stanch the flow with a rag or a tissue and lie back. It would drain into my throat and I'd hawk up wads of blood. Ten minutes later I'd take the cloth away and it would pull a clot out of my nose that was six inches long. It would happen off and on throughout the winter and any time I'd get whacked on the nose. Finally when I was 25 years old, I went to a doctor. He sprayed a cocaine solution into my nose and then chemically cauterized the bleeders with silver nitrate. I have not had a significant nose bleed since.


If it is from dry air, take a q-tip with a small amount of vaseline on it an coat the inside of your nose lightly.


Another possibility is carbon monoxide get your heating system checked. This happened to my wife when she was growing up. She would only get them at night or in the morning. Her uncle found a small leak in the heating system, fixed it and her nosebleeds stopped right away. Doctor thought she was blowing her nose too hard, or too frequently, then it was she wasn't blowing it enough. She had a doctor who thought everyone needed penicillin for everything and if something hurt, well stop using that bodypart.


"I'm so high I think I got a nose bleed. Got a nose bleeeeed???" -Ludacris (sorry, flashback to high school smoking days)

Seriously, have you checked your blood pressure lately? Also, are you currently using Accutane?


Good call.

When my nosebleeds got bad, I did this every morning and I was fine.


Doctor said absolutely not to use vaseline or anything petroleum based, hence the external use only. Do not listen to this advice. Go to a pharmacy and look for Ayr saline nasal gel with aloe vera. I buy mine at CVS.


Move to Florida.


Probably should see a doctor, as I PMed you. Posting here for others.

It is normal to have a lot of blood in a nosebleed if your nose is stuffed up somehow e.g injury.

Is it just one nostril? If so then maybe that one is damaged. If both, something else might cause it.

Do you take a lot of aspirin? it makes bleeds happen more easily. especially if you are someone with fine blood vessels.

Is something raising your blood pressure more than usual? Drugs, stress, anger, hot weather, insulin spikes can all do this. Again, you'd need fine blood vessels to begin with for them to be susceptible.


I got my nose cauterized, it was fast, easy and only hurt for a little bit. All the doc does is stick a little q-tip with some chemicals on it into your nose where the blood vessel is near the surface.

Never had a nosebleed since.


Vaseline when it warms to body temperature vaporizes. When it does it can inhaled into the lungs where it may result in lipoid pneumonia. A saline spray is likely a better solution.


Do you donate blood? I used to get a ton of nose bleeds, but after I started donating they've become far more infrequent. It sounds far fetched, but perhaps nosebleeds are your body's way of regulating iron.


I would get them quite regularly as a kid in the winter (when it's dry) and eventually saw my doctor for the matter. If I remember correctly, it was diagnosed as a weak vessel. It's only my left nostril that was problematic.

At that time, he offered to cauterize which I decided against. As I've gotten older, the problem has pretty much ceased. Maybe I get 2 nose bleeds in a year.


maybe you ought to go to an ENT Doctor
and make sure that you have no sinus
infection and it's not normal to have
nosebleeds with the exception of winter
weather and that causes extreem dryness
in the nasal sections and can cause a little bleeding. as for highblood presure it would have to abnormally high in this case.

i stuggled for nearly more than 2 yrs with a staph infection that could have killed me
if i didn't go to the ENT doctor
when i lost my sence of taste and smell. so do go to a doc and find out what's wrong.


Yes it is only one nostril, the left one. I am pretty sure the dry air has alot to do with it, as during the summer I rarley ever get them. I am thinking about going to get in corterized, tierd of waking up and my bed looking like a murder scene.
Im pretty sure my blood pressure isnt high, but ill get that checked just in case


Man, I thought I had a problem with nose bleeds. I would get about one every month or two, even in the summer, at random times. I woke up with one once, I got one after I got hit lightly in the nose, I got one during a presentation, one during a test, I even got a nosebleed the first time I had sex. That was not a good night...

It's not a big enough problem for me to go see a doctor about, but I do suggest you to do just that.