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Nose Bleeds

Anybody know what causes nose bleeds?

no, but I can tell you how to stop one in a few sec.

Take a piece of tissue and wad it into a small ball and stick it between your top lip and your teeth. It will stop a nose bleed in no time at all. It is an old boxing tick a fiend told me.

your finger

in addition, i sometimes get spontanious bloody noses in the winter from the dry air. theres this stuff called ponaris which is made of of various oils that you can squirt up your nose to help keep it moist. its kinda gross but it works

High BP causing the capillary walls to burst or extremely dry air. Spray some type of moisturizer up the nasal passage if the dry air is causing the bleed. If your BP is that high that it is causing a spontaneous nose bleed I would recommend a visit to your MD. I’m sure there are more causes for bleeds, but this is just off the top of my head. Hope this helps. Glimm

too much A-50! high blood preassure and thin cappiliary beds or cell wall in the snoz. compounded by deep heavy squats. This is in conjunction with the techni colour yawn post leg day.