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Nose Bleed During Lifting?

is this a bad thing, or has this happened to anyone else here?

If you’re in Nevada or Utah, I’d be surprised if it didn’t. Depends on where you are and how humid/dry it is.

I have had spells of nose bleeds when lifting heavy – it happens. If you bleed every time you bend over to pick something off the floor and it happens frequently over more than a week’s time, I’d think about seeing an ENT.

Otherwise, think about investing in some saline nasal solution to flush everything out regularly and consider using Afrin to reduce perfusion in your nasal mucous membranes. Just don’t use the Afrin more than a week or so, because it can cause problems with protracted use. Makes me feel funky anyway and tastes nasty, but works.

Hope that helps.

it happened to me …
nothing wrong with that if it stops in a few minutes and doesn’t repeat too often.

it happens that and the ears and most usually popping vessels in your eyes.