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Norwegian JR Powerlifting Training


There are many good lifts in this video from a training session with the Norwegian JR. National team in powerlifting. Some of the best lifts are CYC lifting 350 for a really light single in the squat, and 260 for a really light double in the bench.


The people squatting in Metal gear seem to be putting bigger numbers :wink: Id like to wish I could hit those kind of numbers in single ply, and without breifs, but I also have never squattted yet with straps up


The Super Centurion of Titan is supposed to be as good as the metal king, when it comes to carryover in the squat, and from what I hear it boils down to individual preference. The big drawback with the metal king is that it will definitively tear. According to what I've heard CYC has to order a new suit after almost every training due to this. He gets them free, because they tear so fast, but it must be a hassle. I've also heard numerous other powerlifters complaining that the King suit tears really fast. But still they keep using it though, so it's probably a really good suit except for that drawback.