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Norwegian Bellydancer


And I thought all they did was grease ther skis and ride polarbears!


at first i was really scared to click on this thread... I thought it was a trap

That has to be the most clothed youtube dance/booty shake video of all time


I'll take two, can you get them to me by Friday?



I hear it's cold over there this time of year, that's probably their idea of nude :wink:


That's not belly dancing, thats just practicing for her stripper gig later.

I would like 1 minute of my life back.




Not only that, but she wasn't that good of a dancer. But she's learning and I'd bang her. My penis approves.


It is 12 ºF here now, and last winter it was down to -34 ºF. Very little stripping going on :confused:


What? I have low standards.


^^^^^^Belly Dancing Fail^^^^^^^^^^^^

Belly Dancing Wins


That's some amateur shit right there.

I'd bang the hell out of her.