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Norways Strongest Man Under 105kilos


Hi there!

Just wanted to post a video of a recent event i Norway for those interested in the Strongman sport.
Its called the Kristiansand Showlift 09, and is the nationals for strongmen in the classes -90kg and -105kg.

My club, Kristiansand Strongteam, KST, got all the 3 top places in -105kg, and 1 place in -90kg ;D

Video of the winner, Norways strongest man under 105kilo, Per Andrew Lier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmdAsg5dkYQ
He allmost did 220kilos / 441 pounds in viking press.

We also had Norwegian championship in Atlas stone:
215, 220, 240 kilo stones.

It was really fun! :slight_smile: