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Norway Shooting/Bombing


I just read about this. Holy crap. 7 die in a blast in Oslo, 80, yes, 80, shot dead. All of this done by one man. I'm guessing the bombing in Oslo was set as a distraction (as well as to kill more people). Looks politically motivated.



Agreed. Someone detonates a car bomb outside the Norwegian PM's office then goes on a rampage at a Norwegian Labour Party youth camp. Likely to have some political motivation methinks.


A damn shame... Off with his head.


I have to call my mom to ask if all my relatives are fine.

So many dead people...

80 with a shooting? What kind of weaponry was he using?


The article I read said he opened fire on people, he walked around with a shotgun and shot them again in the head. This is just plain nuts. This guy should be tortured to death.


It's still strange. Maybe the place was really tight and very hard to escape.


I live in Oslo.
The shooting was on a small island with a political youth camp.
Many tried to swim from the island to mainland.

The guy was dressed as a police officer and started shooting with a machinegun.


The island was extremely small, no one could escape. I saw footage from a helicopter view, and you could see the whole island from that angle. Dead bodies everywhere... in the forest, on rocks, in the water... a disgusting fucking site to see. I cannot believe someone can do this. I hope the rest of this guys life is the most miserable time ever.


Yeah, talked with my mom about it. Very small place and the guy told them to gather so he would explain about the bomb in Oslo. The guy was from the richest area of Oslo.

My aunt was in Oslo, but everything's ok.


saw that this was posted in PWI, oops... don't check there anymore because of its ridiculousness.


I suppose the thread there will have political discussions about it, which I rather avoid.




It was on a small island, so it was hard do escape. he was even dressed as a police officer, and got kids to gather round him, and according to witness, shot them execution style. when people tried to run , or swim away, he pulled out a scopet assault rifle. Now they are saying that they found another bomb on the island. It's fucken creepy how much planning must have gone into this!

Several newspapers and TV channels here are saying he was a fundamental christian and right wing extremist, but right now, im taking everything, even the national / state channels, as rumours. Every norwegian TV channel, and every norwegian newspaper(except from the ones affected by the bombing)are just spewing out so much information before they can confirm it. It is however, confirmed that he was an ethnic norwegian, and pretty welthy guy.

I know some people who lost friends in the shooting, but none of the victims have been idfentified, so i guess the entire nation is kinda expecting to get really bad news.


it immediately turned into "the Muslims did it!!" but lets not go there and talk about the topic at hand... (well, I guess I went there already, oh well).



The guy is being interrogated and I'm sure he'll be proud of what he did and will talk lots, so we will have all information at hand very soon.

EDIT : Bit silly question, but I'm curious. I've read that the guy liked to play Call of Duty. Anyone who has used assault rifles, would playing Call of Duty teach you anything about shooting? Can you learn how to use an assault rifle by yourself?


Now Edevus, don't go there please. Very soon they'll blame it on fps games! :slight_smile:


You don't need CoD to learn using an assault rifle. It's really not that hard to figure out. Using it good, and being able to hit want you're pointing it at, however, takes practice. There are lots of open shooting ranges here, and if you live in a small place like me, you can basicly just use your back yard.


As someone who has played call of duty a lot, AND shot lots of rifles... the answer is no. it might just help you learn certain characteristics of a rifle... rate of fire, cartridge type, range... but actually learning how to shoot, no. However, shooting can be made much easier with the proper scope, like a red dot sight.

he could have definitely learned by himself. If I'm not mistaken he had a whole farm to himself. he could have had ranges set up there. hell, maybe he practiced on animals in the woods, who knows.


Edevus, glad everyone is ok. Horrible tragedy.


Condolences to people of Norway.