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Hey Guys,

I’d requested a 10 ml bottle of QV Test Enanthate as part of a cycle. (Pretty sure that’s 250 mg.) What my guy delivered is NorVet Testo-Jet. It looks like this is a blend of several esters to get to a total of 250 mg, but to be honest, I don’t know what I’m really looking at here.

Anyone familiar with this? I’m on great terms with my guy. I could refuse the delivery and I know he would make it good, but if its comparable product I’d rather not.

Thanks for your guidance.

Not a really popular brand and definitely no where near as reputable as QV but it is legit.

Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions.

On a side note, I’m using the QV Test Enan right now. Painless to inject and the feeling it gives me is real nice. I also have a vial of the underground Zencall Labs stuff that I haven’t tried yet…

Sorry, forgot to add that it’s basically Sustanon. You’re getting a basic blend of short-acting and long-acting Tests. It’s defintely comparable and you should start feeling it and seeing results a bit quicker than plain Enanthante.

Thanks for the information. Sounds fine and I’ll go ahead with it in place of the QV.

Thanks again for your advice.