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Northwest Workshop? Let me know if you are interested

Well, I would talk to Pat (the owner of my Gym) about hosting it, but that would be more than a bit selfish, as it would greatly inconvienience the Portlandites to travel down to Corvallis, so I won’t be doing so. :slight_smile:

Ike: yeah, your gym (Pat Downing’s Golds Gym) would be the perfect spot. But dammit, it’s in Corvallis.

Mike: I spoke to Tod, the guy who's training us in all things strongman, on Friday after training. We could probably get ya set up at that gym (Jungle Gym) or where Ko trains for MMA (Team Quest). Either way, I'm sure there'd be even more people at the workshop other than T-Forum regulars.

Patricia, thanks for looking into this and either option sounds great. Please let me know what date(s) in June will work best for either place. Ideally, I would like to do the workshop on Saturday June 14th from 11am to 3pm.

Patricia- thank you (and Ko) for the very generous offer! Hopefully Scott and myself can make use of it sometime soon…I’ve never actually hung out with parrots before, but I’ve been dive-bombed by eagles. I could just imagine waking up at night to the swoosh of parrot wings and the click of angry beaks…LOL. Actually, I get along with most animals, so I’m sure that I’d do all right with your avian friends. We’ll keep in touch for sure!

Hey Scott,

I'd be in for a little carpool t-roadtrip...last time I traveled down to those parts I went Greyhound, which wasn't too bad and pretty economical. Maybe if Mikey holds one during April/May we could cruise on down there...Anyhow - how are those footy players treating you? Still doing the early morning GPP? Give us an update when you can.

I will start taking pre-registrations later this week when the location is confirmed. Looking forward to coming up to the northwest and putting everyone through 4 hours of pure pain :slight_smile: