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Northwest Workshop? Let me know if you are interested

I am planning out my workshop schedule for the year and was wondering if there is any interest in the northwest? My workshops would consist of kettlebell drills, bodyweight exercises, muscle control exercises, and stretching. Usually my workshops are 4-5 hours. Email me at mahler25@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Just wanted to say here that I am indeed interested and will be emailing you, Mike! I hope this can happen!

I wanna bump this up for others to see…

Patricial, sounds good and I would like to get up that sometime this year.

Well, there are at least two of us interested. :slight_smile:

I will promote the ideas elsewhere and see who is interested. I would like about 10-15 people for the fist one.

Just name the time and place.

Sounds good, I will consider it and make a decision in the next few weeks.

You can count on two here.

I’m in seattle, and would be interested in your workshop.

Thanks bmau, I think that I will look into planning something for possibly June.

Hey! Sorry for posting so late, Mike, but I just wanted to say I’d be interested in attending your workshop too!

I’m greedy. Therefore, I want it to be in Portland. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest everyone. I would like to plan a workshop in June in Portland, Oregon(Hey, I lived there for a year and it seems like a good middle ground for the northwest). What I need is someone to look into getting a room for the workshop. Whoever, takes care of this for me, will be able to attend the workshop for free and will receive a free kettlebell(either a 36lb one or 53lb). Email me at mahler25@yahoo.com for more info

did you say seattle? I’m there - that “portland” place everyone’s talking about seems way to far away for us up in BC!!

The workshop will be in Portland Oregon this time around.

Bumping it up

I’m another Vancouver native that would definitely be up for it if a workshop could be scheduled closer to Vancouver next time. Cam - if you ever need anyone to carpool with to one of these things, let me know. scott vass

Well, if you either of you need a place to “bunk” for the night, if you do come to this Portland gig, then let I or Ko know. Either of you are welcome to stay at our place. Granted, you’ll have to like sharing a room with five parrots - but that can be your free entertainment! And we’ll throw in a meal!

Lets see how the Portland, Oregon workshop goes and I will think about another one farther up north next time.