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Northwest T-Pack

A Yahoo group has been created for the NW T-Pack. Go here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nw_tpack/

Join up, people!

It has been done!

O I’m so jealous! We don’t have one of these for DC! Can I have an honorary member? :smiley:

Stella: You’re kinda close (San Jose) currently. I personally wouldn’t mind - be a good way to stay in touch (and I did get your email! I’ll be responding tonight!). When you’re in DC, could always stay in touch with the NYC T-Pack.


Thanks! :) I didn't know we have a NYC T cell. Dang....I wish I knew them last year cuz I was in NYC last year.

BTW -- do I get to strangle myself or what? I just heard from my staffer that I'm proposed for THREE projects. X_X We'll see how that goes though. (One in East Bay, CA, one in WA, and one in DC)

Anyone else?!