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Northwest T-Pack - Please Check In

So it’s been a while since we have all gotten together (by “we” I mean Patricia, Ike, Ko, and myself)

And our numbers will be reduced by one soon, as Ike carries out his secret mission to Korea, which I’m fairly sure involves the question “protein content in dog meat?”

So, when are we getting together, and for what, and how, and why?

Gonna be at Cinema 21 tonight for the 7PM showing of “Bubba Ho-Tep”.

Be there or be square. hehehe

Okay…if you can’t be there; could always do something later this week. When does Ike leave?

Useless Polemical Chap quietly, meekly raises his tiny hand…

Can I come?

UPC’s tiny hand leads up to a pretty big tricep.

^^Where are you at UPC?

We’re always looking to expand our numbers, although the cough sacred tradition cough of all newcomers buying the first 3 pitchers cough will be enforced.

Ah Rummy, thank you for bringing up that one, itty-bitty, rule…er, tradition.

UPC, are ye asking about the movie tonight? If so, you are welcome to join us. The more the merrier, you know.

UPC: Definitely. PM Patricia, as she knows the details.

I depart on Wednesday.

I’m applying for dual citizenship between the NW Pack and the soon-to-be-organized East-Asia Pack.

Alas, the movie I cannot attend because of work. In fact, I work a double today and tommorrow, and fly out on Wednesday for my brothers wedding in Indiana. I will be back Sunday, so maybe sometime next week???

This Wednesday Ike? Dammit.

Ah, dang.

I cannot make it tonight (though the movie looks cool.)

BPC: here’s the Cinema 21 site for information if you don’t know already.


Okay, being isolated in the vast wasteland of Eastern Washington, I haven’t met anyone yet, but am technically a member of the Northwest Division of the T-Nation, and therefore must raise my hand.

Maybe someday I can hook up with you “pros” who know all the cool lifts that I always used to just read about in the mags, but am now actually trying out for myself!

Checking in, however I won’t be able to make any gathering tonight or this week at all. Going to Tahoe this weekend (leave Thursday AM and return Monday PM). I know, feel sorry for me. :^)

Generally the only lifts we do when together are titled “ripped, rugged, and drunk”

It’s sort of a balance exercise, having to use stabilizers in the wrists and forearms to control flowing amounts of liquid.

Well hell, Rumbach, maybe I have more experience at that than I’m giving myself credit for!

Well, perhaps I will one day join you guys. After all, I need to go down to the US on one of those midnight Biotest runs.

Will you let any Canadians in your club…eh?

Kieran, only if they drink beer. :slight_smile:

beer eh?

Well, so long as I get to drink real beer I should be ok. None of that wussy 3.5% stuff ok?

hmmmm beer. :slight_smile:

Kieran, you’ve obviously never been to Oregon.

We’ll get you a couple Terminator Stouts and see if that passes your beer test, haha.