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Northerner Wanting to Move Down South


Currently I am a mechanical engineering student studying at UMass. I have two years left till I finish my degree. When I finish school I would like to move down south but my decision depends on where I am able to find a job. Ideally I would like to move the Carolinas. I'm really not fond of the winters in New England, the politics up here, people being snooty in general. (MA is the snootiest state haha). I would hate to spend my whole life living in the same region of the country and who doesn't love southern women?

Anyways feel free to chime in on your experiences/thoughts. Thanks guys have a great evening.

For the sake of it here you go


snooty is a vague term. You will find that wherever you go there will be certain cultural value systems that you may or may not agree with. I have lived most of my adult life in the South, but I have also done a lot of traveling. The weather has it's ups and downs, but milder winters make up for muggy summers IMO. Perhaps more important than just being in the South vs. the North is the relative size of the town/city you choose to live in. Larger East coast cities along 95 from Boston down through Richmond have a lot in common,but the surrounding suburbs and rural areas can be very very different. This has been stated many many times before on these boards, and you seem to grasp it, but I will say it again...have a job ready to go before you relocate or at least make sure you have substantial savings.


The south is great, just don't act like a Yankee and you'll be fine.

And never utter these words "this is how we do up north"

Do have a strong MA accent?


Yes I have a mild northern accent buts its not super strong. I dont have a boston accent. And yes I plan to find and have a job in the south rather than packing my bags and looking for a job down there. And I'd pick the suburbs over the city anyday


You will probably get used to it, and learn to enjoy the South. The national media loves to write that the Atlanta area has the worst sports fans, basing it all on pro sports teams. College football is generally King in the South. The weather is such that one can have so many outlets for participating, rather than watching sports. Golf year-round, mountains, beaches, mountain biking, hiking, camping, you name it. Summers are hot, but it also means women in summer dresses and less clothing. Also, a more relaxed attitude about guns. Some of the lingo may throw you off, such as "mashing a button" instead of "pressing," co-cola instead of pop, coldbeer(one word). You should be fine.


What do you consider south exactly?


anything below Maryland, I'd say Virginia's the line


Gotcha. What kind of mechanical engineering are you going for?


I'm thinking automotive but I'm really not sure yet.


With all due respect, its a good thing you're not thinking southern California cause no one likes mass-holes around here (or anywhere for that matter)

The Patriots suck.

No ones likes Ben Aflack.

The Celtics suck.

Tom Brady has bad hair.

Crab cakes taste like dong.

The Red Sox suck.

Baked beans are awful.

The movie "The Town" was a huge rip off of "Heat".

Remember... I did say "with all due respect"


This is all true.

However I can't verify that crab takes taste like dong since I've never put a dick or Vietnamese currency in my mouth.


Anything below Jersey is South as fuck. If you put mustard on your cheeseburgers your down south.


Checkout the Greenville-Spartanburg area of South Carolina...

I live in Charleston now, because the job brought me here after getting out of the Army, but I grew up in the Greenville area and will eventually return there.

I would recommend Greenville for any number of reasons, regardless of your career plans. But you mentioned automotive engineering, which would make Greenville an ideal choice.

Greenville has a history of manufacturing, for decades it was textiles. Now it is becoming a hub for the automotive manufacturing and R&D industries.

In the 1980's, it became home of Michelin's North American Headquarters...


In 2002 it became the home of BMW's only North American manufacturing facility...


And in 2007, Clemson University created the International Center for Automotive Research an impressive campus for automotive R&D...


You should check out the area...great place to be.


South = anything south of the Mason-Dixon line


Im also from south carolina and greenville is a great oppurtinity for your career. Its also one of the largest cities in the state, and since its up near the mountains, it wouldnt be as much of a "culture shock" as it would be if you moved to the lowcountry of sc. Also, since your considering the carolinas, you should consider that they are quite different from each other. North carolina is mostly mountains and so you get the mountain type culture, along with the greenville area. In the lowcountry of sc its a much different culture, your typical "southern" culture that most think about when talking about the south.


Hahahahahahaha So Greg tell how you really feel.

Texas has everything and we have no state income tax.


I bet going to college in Boston/Cambridge, MA must be a shit load of fun though.

A big city with a billion different colleges. Must be hook up paradise.


I have a sister who has worked in various parts of the US for a few years now, same company, different branches.

She is stuck in Shreveport LA right now and can't stand it. The reverse racism took her by surprise seeing as California where she was previous was fantastic and so were the people she worked with. The people of Shreveport are very guarded and don't go out of there way to make you feel welcome at all. The woman who runs HR (who is black) told her in no uncertain terms that she never will either...nice. The whole branch behaved this way. They work with her(tolerate is more like it) but go to a company function and she was treated like a leper.

My sister is not racist in any way, shape, or form, she's dated black guys in the past so that ain't it. She is friendly and outgoing so that's not it either.

However when she toured the Tennessee plant and stayed there for a couple weeks the folks there were wonderfull and so welcoming. She was trying to get trasferred there actually because of the great atmosphere and work culture. She was repeatedly asked to go to co-workers houses for dinner, movie night etc. which she accepted.

Shreveport people? No fucking way.

The're both considered south yes? So why were the Louisiana folks such assholes and the Tennessee folks great? Same company, same business model etc.

If I have offended anyone from LA I apologise, just my 2c. I'm curious to know why the difference in attitudes.


the south rocks


BJB we talked about that situation, to me it also speaks of the management in the LA office. Top dog there sucks and shit rolls down hill.