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Northern VA/DC athletes?

Looking to see if any t-mag’ers are in northern va or DC area. I moved here 8 months ago, and want to do some real athletic training. Im still hitting cleans, deads, squats, etc at the local gym…but I miss training with athletes doing more sports specific athletic training…med ball drills, GPP, tire flips, plyos, speed ladder, agility drills, anything to fire it up a bit. I played college ball and powerlifted at 2 good schools, then was a S&C coach at another D-IAA school so I still got to train with the football and hockey guys…now im down here, visited the local college but its not really competitive nor do the kids want to fire it up like Im used to…I used to be into mixed martial arts also, but needing shoulder surgery and other old injuries kinda shys me away from it since I need to be physically able on my job and Ive already been in a few scraps down here…

Anyone out there? Just looking for the occasional getting after it when schedules would permit.

Also, anyone know of a real gym in the area? Luckily a gym right by my house has a platform and bumper plates, Lifetime fitness. But this is my first run at a “normal” gym not training in a college weigtroom…so the curls in the squat rack, cottage cheese in spandex, personal trainers holding clipboards, and wanna be bodybuilders with big arms and no a** or legs, and other things kinda still annoys me…wish there was a Velocity or other sports training gym in the area…

Thanks and God Bless

I don’t know if they post on here, but at most of the strongman forums, people from the UMaryland Strongman training group post, they train strongman at college park, which isn’t that far.

Find a guy on this forum named- Oguard,
he is from that area and he is probally the strongest guy on this whole forum…nice dude also, pm him he wont mind…big martin

thanks guys…I emailed oguard, and I got in touch with the MD strongman club…its a hike, but it would be nice to make it up there and try to run with the big dogs :stuck_out_tongue:

also bluecollarjock, welcome to the board, you seem to have a great training back ground nice to have you here…big martin

I’m in the DC area myself, but I train at a Gold’s Gym without bumper plates, a GHR, or a reverse hyper. If you find anything better, please let me know.

thanks guys!! as for Viriginia, the LifeTime fitness in Fairfax has bumper plates, med balls, and enough to get job done…if u want to check it out let me know I live right near there

Thanks, Bluecollarjock.

I may well take you up on that, since it does sound like it might be an improvement over my Gold’s.

pleease do…depending on what Golds your at, it might be pretty close…24 hours too…if not, Id love to do training from time to time with other stuff if you want to hit a track for some sprints, hills, stairs, hurdle drills etc…I also have a med ball, some DBs to do tosses with, we could find a tire somewhere probably, and I have cones for agility drills…

Lifetime in Fairfax isn’t all that close to my house, but it’s not far from where I work in Reston. If you don’t mind training with a former bodybuilder who’s kind of a noob when it comes to athletic/pure strength training, it sounds like fun.

Ill train with anyone who wants to get after it!! No drills are really hard, most anything takes is effort! We could do med ball and cone drills without a hitch…we can do it anywhere too, doesnt have to be at Lifetime…this week is my heavy work week, next week I have more days off so lets get in touch…Reston isnt far, I live in Fairfax city, work down in Mt Vernon area…

I’m from the Fairfax area. I’m currently down in Richmond for school, but I’ll be up for Thanksgiving and the winter break, and I’d love to have a more hardcore workout. I currently train Westside. I’m 5’5 170 lbs. You can e-mail me, or send me an IM at Mike Pumps Iron and we can talk details if you’d like.

Cool. The three of us should probably try and hook up for a workout or two while you’re in town.

Great! Hit me up on AIM or of course e-mail. I just got an e-mail from the WSC and I’m not even allowed to use my bands there. That irks me to no end.

I am moving to DC in about a month. Would love to find some people to train with, and a good gym to workout in.

all sounds good to me…Ill find out my permanent shift within a month so I can let you all know when I can get together…

Are there any plans for this week? I’ll be up Monday night or Tuesday and I’d like to get in a good workout or two while I’m up there. Anyone planning anything?