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Northern Exposure

Two items

(1) This past Monday, I tripped on one of my baby daughter’s toys, fell and severely twisted and sprained my knee. Unbelievable pain-so limited training for awhile. And when you are hurt-talking about, reading about, posting about traininng sucks…so, here is an off-topic question

Anyone else a Northern Exposure (television series) fan-I loved that show and can rarely find it in re-runs.

I have never figured out what it was that I enjoyed about it-but it was a never miss show for me

anyone else

*hobbling to kitchen for fresh cup of coffee

I loved that show. It used to be in reruns on A&E I think, but I haven’t seen it in awhile.

Keith-I feel your pain. I hope you get healthy soon. I have a collections of your writings from here and they have been very helpful. I don’t know what northern exposure is-but if you like it-I would do a google search and try to buy it. Take care and keep your chin up. Your freind Paul.

My wife and I also enjoyed the series. In fact, we have the first two seasons on DVD. Our kids, 16 and 13 years of age, enjoy watching the episodes with us.

On a side note, the guy that plays Joel, Rob Morrow, is in the new show called Numbers.