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Northeast Winter Storm and GPP


Yes, for those of you die-hard types out there who love nothing better than swinging a sledgehammer or carrying around some sandbags for GPP... have I got a deal for you! Why, it's the big storm of '06! And it's here now!

For the low, low price of $29.95, you can show up at my apartment complex where you will be handed your very own core and posterior chain training device... a shovel! Then, under my expert guidance and coaching, you will shovel out car after car while I shout on words of encouragement like, "Put your back into it!" and the always favorite "You missed a spot!" For an extra $5.95, I can even do it in the accent of your favorite Russian strength coach while threatening to send you to a gulag if you slack off the pace.

Afterwards, there will be complimentary hot mulled Surge.

As you can see... I did not enjoy shoveling out my car from the 2 feet of snow that fell in less than 24 hours (with drifts even higher than that). New England rules.


Wow, we just got a little bit of snow on the ground and none falling.

Guess it missed us.

Not trying to rub it in or anything. :wink:


We have 16 inches so far, and still no cancellation of school. That is, despite, the closing of each of our bordering towns, and local private schools and colleges. Bastards!


Got 24 inches by me. Fucking ridiculous. I hate winter.


Naw, this snow is too light and fluffy. I barely break a sweat under my fleece hat!

How about flipping my tire up and down your driveway to pack it all down?


Fuck the snow. I hate it also. I'm the only one in my house able to shovel and we have 4 cars and an 80ft driveway. Our snowblower cant handle this much snow. Looks my car is stuck in the back for the next week! Luckily I work and my gym is within walking distance. I'll have to dodge bullets though as there have been 6 shootings in my neighborhood in the past 2 weeks with 1 fatality. Its a Hatian gang war so to speak. Did I mention I hate snow?


We only got about 8" of snow down here, but it's of the wet and sticky variety. Great for snowball fights, not so great for shoveling unless you get off on spontaneous GPP work.


That'll work too.


Good Lord... do I wanna even know what part of CT you are living in???


do you live in stamford by any chance?


This is great. Houston got 1/2"-1" of snow and some ice in December 2004. Shutdown the whole damn city. Everything was closed. You just pray nobody tries to get their car moving. They have no idea how to drive with any ice. The street/highway crews just don't have the equipment to deal with it. The good thing is the ground is never frozen and the sun will likely be out within 24 hours and it's over.


Bingo, the former safest city in the country. The shootings happened literally around the corner from me.


Hahahahahahahahaha an inch of snow. Alert the fuckin media! Get dubya a hummer so he can get around.

Finally, our school was cancelled tonight.


Thats weird. Our town was considered very safe, and within the past month, there have been 2 armed back robberies both resulting in shootouts. Then, last week there was a kid stabbed and still in critical condition in the hospital over a racial "gang war." The next day in school about 15 kids were arrested for starting a brawl because of this stabbing.

Some crazy motherfuckers out there.


we got flurries this morning in georgia, by noon the sun was out. it was a little chilly though so i stayed inside.


thats nothing a few years back in atlanta, they shut down schools a day in advance because all the weathermen predicted snow, needless to say there was no snow, infact it was about 68 degrees and sunny, i went fishing that morning.


I'm in southeastern Mass and we got around 15 inches. I shoveled out three of my neighbors. Two of them had snowblowers, I just did it because I could. My driveway is 100 ft. long. Though it wasn't the heavy wet stuff, it was quite a good GPP workout. I love to shovel. My wife keeps on me about getting a snowblower or calling a plow service. Fuck that. If I did that I would get rid of all my weights and cancel my gym membership. I love to shovel.


Yeah, i live in greenwich and for the past few weeks in the highschool there's been a bunch of treats on friday they had the swat team around the school, this all started because 2 kids got in a fight about seats in a lunch room or something.


"I was given a gift. I shovel well."



I used to live in Norwalk and work in Stamford. Stamford is an odd city - it is such a weird mix of money and not so delightful neighborhoods... sometimes not all that far from each other.