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Northeast Blizzard


anyone in the tristate area doing a little driving today? i drove from LI to trenton during this bitch of a blizz and had some fun. saw a few multi-car accidents, had a few close calls, and also slid off the parkway a couple times. i could barely see out my windshield the whole time.

^not as icy as that but my car sucks ass in the snow


Yea it was totally fun having the brakes slip on me as I almost skidded across a red light into a busy intersection lucky for me the the car skidded to a stop short of running the light.


I fuckin' can't stand snow.

If my family wants me to visit for the holidays next year, they'll celebrate christmas in july. lol


Was that guy drunk? He didnt even stop the first time he hit someone.


Two words : snow tires. It seems like people don't understand this well. All season tires aren't the same.


Man I live on Long Island and the 10 minute drive home from work took a half hour. I was driving 20 miles per hour tops and slipping all over the road on turns.


I was giving myself plenty of room to stop, but then if you stop in a pile of snow, it can be hard to get going again....I was more concerned with people hitting me from behind.

I hate it. I will only be happy if work is closed tomorrow.


I went to take out some trash outside this morning in my t-shirt (I'm an idiot). As I hurried across the driveway, I ate shit, landed on my arm, and my wrist that has been all jammed up is now back to bothering me. I'm especially mad since I've taken the last week off from the gym to heal up before the next ramp of BBB. So much for being 100% healthy going into it. Probably wouldn't have lasted very long anyway! Otherwise, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.




PPPHHHHFFFFFTTTTT...this is a picture of my driveway that I took two weeks ago. The amount of snow you see took approx 48 hrs to accumulate...thats a fucking blizzard lol. Lots of people still drove around in it.

Tons of accidents after the first big snowfall, it's like people forget how to drive in snow and they have to relearn it every year.

It's simple: slow down and don't fucking tailgate.


I drove from CT to philly yesterday -- there were at least 15, probably more like 25 accidents on I-95 just between NYC and Philly. Then I crashed my brother's car into the curb outside his house. In my defense I was going about 15mph and gave myself about 30 feet to break. I think I slowed down to maybe 10mph by the time I hit. Ridiculous.

The thing is, there was a point where there was practically an accident every mile, and people were still tailgating me. I wished I had a sign to hold out the back, "U SERIOUS BRO?"


Seriously. It was like he was TRYING to hit things the way he was accelerating.
I can't ever stop myself from laughing at this shit though.


19 inches of snow...in staten island, heard that jersey got 24






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What a fuckwit.

Yeah, sure would be easy for NY to STOP MOTHER NATURE.

Maybe it takes a guy named Jesus Diaz to do that?


We've had exactly one dusting of snow this winter. I'm actually sick of the blue skies.

No, not really. Suckers.


I'd agree . I didn't hear about this and turned on the game. Some stupid game show was on.



The UK is filled with the same kind of idiots, a little bit of snow and everyone is scared to leave the house.


Maybe north Jersey. We in s. Jersey got around a foot.... but drifts from hell.