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North of Vag


It seems like a lot of people on this forum have started taking an interest in conditioning workouts lately. Since we have a PR thread for getting strong, why not have a thread for those of us packing our bags and moving north of the holy holes?

Tonight I did:

16kg kb
200 swings
100 cleans
100 rows

25 minutes, used sets of 10 alternating arms.


Yesterday I did death by Clean&Jerk. Perform 30 reps with 135 as fast as you can.
I got all in 2:00.


I have no idea what "north of vag [holy holes] means in this context.


In the 5/3/1 E-Book Jim has a chapter called Moving North of Vag. The idea is that although many lifters are powerlifting strong when it comes to doing anything else they suck. So instead of being a total Vag and just excepting this Jim has decided to add Sprints and conditioning to his program.

Their for Moving north of vag = Getting Bigger, Stronger AND Going Harder, faster and longer than the average gym rat.

Of course this is without resorting to Crosscrap or being a "runner" (shudders).


Did my first 40mile loop on my roadbike. Usually I only do 20-30 but this was fun in masochistic kinda way

Clean/pushpress #135 5x12


It's from Wendler's 5/3/1 Manual...it's the phrase he uses when he talks about putting an emphasis on conditioning and mobility/flexibility rather than focusing on strength alone as an indicator of fitness.


Yesterday I did:

135# BB Hang Cleans
3 sets of 21-15-9
Time: 8:28


After putting on nearly 50lbs in 9 months, I did a meet last weekend and was sweating my nuts off and huffing and puffing just getting my damn squat suit on. I quickly realized I needed to start doing some conditioning work as my handlers were both laughing at me.

I have been doing and circuit combination of any of the following movements: prowler pushes, KB swings, jump roping, sandbag carries, sled pulls, and burpees on my off days.


I did my last meet a week and a half ago and am in major de-load after grinding myself into the ground. Last Friday I spent an hour at a crossfit training place (gasp) and trained snatch the entire time. It was fun as hell but I realised I have power lifter conditioning.

My new tenant has provided my back yard with a 250lb and 450lb tire. Last night I flipped the smaller one 30 times for speed after squatting and benching for volume. I may have thrown up a bit in the middle of the tire but it was also a lot of fun.


50 lbs!? How heavy is that for you? Like 220ish?

Burpees are the devil.


i did 20, 3 minute rounds of jump rope a few nights ago.. fun.


Yeah. I'm walking around at a fairly chubby 215.

Yeah. I'm actually thinking about not doing them anymore because they're fairly high impact. It's the last thing my joints need at the moment.


That's pretty impressive.

Today we did 100 steps belt drags, 100 steps backwards belt drags, rest. 25 reps row drags followed by 25 reps flat press drags followed by 25 reps row drags followed by 25 reps incline press drags, rest. Followed by 25 sets forward ankle dragging followed by 25 steps backward ankle dragging, followed by 25 reps forward ankle drag followed by 25 reps backward ankle drag, rest. Followed by 15 rep curl dragging followed by 15 rep tricep extension dragging followed by 20 rep front raise dragging followed by 20 rep rear fly dragging.

We then ran 3 sets of 2X hill springs. Run up, walk down.

There were only 2 of us today and we finished in about 35 minutes.


One thing i actually liked from crossfit that i'm going to try on Sunday is the g.i. jane. It's 100 burpees with a jumping pull up instead of a normal jump up. I expect it to take an hour or so.


You all did so much stuff, I cant even comprehend what you actually did.

I have been doing some interval work (200-400m), some longer, timed runs (~30min), and, because shin splints are becomming an issue, will be incorporating sled drags/pushes and tire flips as I lost access to the Prowler.


I cant wait to get back and do some GPP shit. I miss the Tire, Sled/Prowler, and all that shit.


I kind of like going south of vag sometimes.


My conditioning lately is rugby practice.
God I love rugby. If you're a student, join a club sport. You won't regret it!


Post of the month.

Right here.


My conditioning tonight:

explosive jumps off of the couch giant setted with screaming at the top of my lungs and throwing things.

Fucking A the Clemson/GT game is a roller coaster.