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North Of Vag Template


Hi Jim

I've come to a point were I think this template is what I need to do, to give me a kick up the ass and help build some mental fortitude as well as some strength.

Work and other shit is starting to creep on top of me and I feel I need to build myself up physically and mentally, so I'm not used as a door mat anymore. I need to build myself into a more robust individual.

Do you still recommended the N.O.V template and how long for? Long enough till I'm moving away from the rough patches of the south of vag?



The NOV template is great but not everyone can handle it - hell, how many times do you see people worry if they have one bad workout? The NOV template isn’t easy as it requires you to stretch hard, lift hard and run hard every time you train. Most people aren’t conditioned enough to do that or aren’t willing to take the punishment for a few cycles until their body adapts. This is especially true if you are doing stuff like hills and Prowler; it take a toll on the body. Your lifts may go down for awhile.

You have to focus on the end game, months from now. And you also have to understand the importance of getting consistent work in, over a long period of time and realize not every training day is going to be gold. There will be some bad days. This is called life. I can remember doing this template and calling it the “Age of Bootcamp”. My legs were so tired that they were shaking after unracking 405.

It’s humbling but it made me better. I eventually got stronger and my body adapted. But it is not easy - ease yourself into it and don’t overthink everything:

Stretch hard
Lift hard
Sprint hard

Remember that weighted “sprint work” (hills/Prowler) is a lifting workout in itself so adjust your volume to what you can handle.


Thanks for the reply Jim.

I will hit the main lifts and do some chins, push ups, rows, dips and neck harness for assistance and do some weighted vest stair walks until I improve my conditioning, then I’ll replace them with sprints and start heading towards the nov template.