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North Of Vag Eating Plan



I started this a couple of days back with slightly less protein but the same rough idea...

Meal 1:
2 scoops protein, 500ml water
1 apple
4 fish oil caps
Wrap made with ham, mustard, avocado and rocket.

Meal 2:
2 scoops protein, 500ml water
1 apple
4 fish oil caps
Wrap made with chicken, bacon, mustard and mixed salad.

Meal 3:
2 scoops protein, 500ml water
big heap of raw spinach
4 fish oil caps
Tuna + mixed bean + avocado salad.

I'm full of energy, satisfied with every meal for HOURS and just feel better all round! Whilst this is by no means an ideal diet it's a great deal better than what I was doing before. I've always had problems with consistency and over thinking... and this is perfect!

Anyone else running this?

EDIT: FYI I'm dropping fat.


How you eat is based on how you look and how you plan to look.

We have no clue how you look.

Therefore, we can't tell you how to eat.

That looks like very little food though and your previous lack of consistency is a problem.


3x65g protein powder = 705 cals
3x4g fish oil = 108
3x500 calorie meals (guestimation) = 1500
Total: roughly 2300 cals.

Currently Im about 200lbs and a somewhat chubby 20% bodyfat. Prior to university I never had a problem maintaining a relatively lean and athletic body... but things slowly started to fall appart due to shitty consistency. I've started playing lacrosse this academic year, lifting 5/3/1 style twice a week and my goal in the short term is to drop some fat and become a little more athletic/aesthetic.

I wasn't so much looking for validation... more looking for others experiences.

That diet outline is an example of what I've eaten today... not what I'll be eating every day. As I said my main issue is crappy consistency... and the flexibility/simplicity of something like this feels like it could be ideal.


What is your overall goal? What do you want to look like? If you posted a picture of someone who looked like your goal, what would it be?

If your goal is to look like those people who only work out for 3months every New Years...that looks fine.


If I were to try and put some numbers on some vague short to mid term goals...

  • 10-15% bodyfat at 190-200lbs (at my height of 5'9)
  • I want to get stronger and hopefully develop my overall athleticism (for lacrosse)
  • I would like to develop aesthetics but that would come with improving the above anyway.

I haven't thought much about a photo that I would like to look like... perhaps this could provide some useful motivation/direction?

Anywhom - what would you have someone do who is 20% bf/200lbs/5'9 ? That is if you don't mind sharing some wisdom!


My responses are usually directed at people that plan on being both bigger and stronger than average. In fact, I would say I am not the one to go to if your goals are minimal or are the basic stuff you see most New Year Resolutioners repeat. If your goal was to make your wife overheat in bed because of how your body is shaped, you may want to try building some muscle, cleaning up your diet slowly and making this a long term commitment you can actually follow.

If this is some flash in the pan momentary lapse into fitness you will fail...especially if this is something you find no joy in.

I think your approach is extreme and would possibly work for the guy who was very committed.

But let's face it...that isn't you.

You may want to try baby steps with way more focus on your gym attendance FIRST.

But hey, what do I know.


Thank you for your response - and after reading the last line of your post I hope you don't feel that I am criticising you in any way! You are clearly a big, strong guy and I know it takes YEARS of hard ass work to get there.

I do want to get bigger and more athletic but I don't want to have to struggle to fit into 34 inch jeans at a mere weight of 200lbs or so.

I realise I probably sound like every other new years resolution chump but that isn't the intention. I have set my goals low as I feel I can attain these in the short to mid term... from there - who knows?

I liked the idea behind this dietary approach - it encourages me to eat more protein/fruit/healthy fats. the shake/fruit seems to kill off cravings that would lead to a bad choice for the solid meal following the shake. It's also really simple and manageable for me I feel.

Getting on that gym attendance right away.


Besides your % body fat at X lbs. These are not goals.
Goals are measurable and have a definitive end point.
How will you know when you have obtained "overall athleticism" or "aesthetics."

Once you have decided what you want consider how long it will take you to achieve it and set them in order for what will come first or NEEDS to come first.

This is sad. I am not trying to tare on you but I fell bad when I read sh*t like this. Goals should push you to work harder and stay focused. Mild goals have no sense of urgency and are usually the least likely to be accomplished, IMO.

Lofty goals take daily focus and dedication. If you give yourself 3 months to accomplish something but know deep down it will only take one month you will procrastinate. If you make the stakes higher you will go balls out everyday and feel bad about screwing up. You may not reach the loftiest of goals but you accomplish a lot more in the same time frame.


Well said. Goals are everything. If you can't tell someone EXACTLY what you are trying to look like, you will fall short.

You can't hit a target if there isn't one. That is why these New year Resolution freaks keep failing.

Tone is not a goal.


I feel like its a start. When I first started this I didn't know what I wanted to be. I just didn't want to be skinnyfat anymore.
A couple years ago I realized I wanted to be a monster.
And every year you think your doing it right then the next year you realize your not as smart as you thought you were and now you got something else to learn.

Anyways this diet looks 200 times better than mine when I first started since I had no one to tell me how to lift or eat.

You either gotta love it or have some weird complex where you're obsessed with changing your body or you'll just give it up anyways.

Luckily I have both.


Oh by the way imo you should replace those scoops of protein for an 8oz chicken breast or steak and a cup of rice save the protein shakes for when you're in a hurry or traveling or something


So instead of supplementing a meal with a protein shake, he should just eat 2 meals at once?


Maybe not the rice since he's cutting, but YES that much protein powder shows a lack of understanding of the basics. An over-reliance on protein powder will not deliver optimal results. It might work for a while, but just won't be the best.

My knee jerk reaction when I see more than one "wrap" or "sandwich" in a daily meal plan is that the person unfortunately probably just doesn't have a good handle on a good diet. I don't mean any disrespect to you BenMoore -- If this plan is working well for you, then there's no need to completely abandon it. Don't reinvent the wheel, just tweak it here and there as you like.

I'd swap the powder in each meal for something like chicken, lean beef, or fish and a cup or two of steamed broccoli with a drizzle of EVOO or tbs of butter. If you want it to be easy, try 2% yogurt or cottage cheese with berries and splenda or something like that. Whole food dairy is a better choice than trying to get over 150 grams of protein daily from powders, IMO.


The protein in water before each meal is the NOV eating plan. It's a way to keep protein high while cutting down calories by suppressing appetite during the meals. It's a simple way to diet without really dieting. Nothing wrong with it.


This is how it is intended. The 2 scoops of protein 3x a day is actually slightly less than Wendler recommends. He said he used this strategy during college (which is where I am at now) and it helped out a bunch.

Whilst I see that whole food options would be massively superior... I am limited by budget and I got the feeling that with this approach I can be a little more flexible and occasionally consume less than ideal foods whilst still getting in a good amount of fruit/veg/protein.

The wraps were just an example of what I ate that day - no what I eat everyday.

I shall strive towards better and better food choices but for now I need something I can stick to consistently for a while.

Genuinely appreciate the income from you all, guys. A lot of knowledgeable and powerful people posting in this thread!

EDIT: So today for example I consumed a chicken/bacon/avo/mustard wrap and two portions of rice/tuna/olive oil for my other meals. Still had my servings of protein, fruit and fish oil. Not ideal but hopefully a start!


Yeah, my bad. I just read the article. I guess it can work for some people, although I personally wouldn't fare well on that plan, but if Wendler suggested it, then for sure it may work for the OP, or at least it should be worth a go. Best of luck OP. Sorry I wasn't much help.


Helping isn't the same as validation! You suggested a bunch of superior meal options and highlighted the possibility that it may not be ideal in the long run.

Who knows - it might yet not suit me at all!


Yeah, sorry if I came off a little harsh. I didn't understand all the circumstances involved. I hope it works out for you!