North of Vag and Cardio

I’ve recently changed gyms, using the gym section of a crossfit facility the main reason for which is the availability of Eleiko bars and plates which I compete on. It has everything I need and want including a Prowler but the turf is often used during classes if I need to train on an evening. Before anyone suggests, no crossfit doesn’t suck, I have a lot of respect for them and no I won’t change gyms. Would it be if any hindrance to do my prowler work on such occasions before lifting, so I can still do my sprints because I’ve seen tremendous improvements in just over a month of using a prowler or is this going to be too detrimental to my meet prep?

I wouldn’t recommend doing the Prowler prior to lifting unless it was done strictly as a warm-up. But yeah, traditional Prowler training wouldn’t be smart prior to lifting.

I thought as much, I’ll just be creative while my schedule is up in the air with university until I get back into routine. Not ideal but thanks for the response!