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North NJ T-cell

Trying to get a North NJ T-cell started. Considering I live in one of the the most denesly populated areas in the country, I am sure I am not the only T-Man in the area.
So, anyone here from North NJ or the area?

From Central NJ here… Middlesex County area.

Union County. It’s not exactly North NJ but it’s NJ nonetheless.

I am always in the middlesex county area, gf goes to Princeton and a lot of friends in Matawan down to Shore area. Been to the NYSC on Rt 9 a couple of times.
Where in middlesex are you?

i am not too familiar with Union Co, I am from Bergen Co.

How far north is “north” I’ live in Chatham near the border of Madison (Morris county). I workout in Edison (gym near work)

If you want you can PM me…

I off of parkway 131

Chatham is Centeral NJ and so is Edison… well for me anyways. I live about 10 min away from the George Washinton Bridge and workout next to my work in Mahwah which border NY state. So yeah, I am pretty far up North NJ.

haha…that is so true. I am exit 161 (Rt 4) for home and exit 163 (Rt 17) for work and the gym. I moved to NJ from Canada 5 years ago but I can already tell that Jesery people have their similarities including using exit numbers for the GSP or the NJ TPK for where they live.
So far am I the only T-man in North Jersey?? There must be more T-men/Vixens up here.

What ever happened to this?
I just moved back to the area and was wondering.

And If anyone knows of any respectable place to get bodyfat measurements done in the area that would be awesome

Morris County here … until December

I work in West Paterson but live in NY. A gathering would be very cool.

Morris county(Florham Park) here.

Putting together a gathering would be a good thing.

Lets see if we can get this going.

How late am I to this thing.
Anyway, I’m in Middlesex county.
Metuchen to be exact.

NYC here

damn im in south jersey here burlington county to be exact,right outside of philly

Toms River, right by Seaside.

I don’t really post here (my roommate does), nor do I fit in,but I live in mahwah.

Live in Toms River, go to school in Hoboken.

I’m in Newark and East Brunswick