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North Miami Beach - I would know Good place for...

Hello, I come from Quebec and I go to North Miami Beach(Ramada Plaza MarcoPolo beach resord 19201 Collins avenue) in january. I would know if anyone know a good supplement store where I will can buy good Biotest Stuff ?

Also, I would know where I can find the must beautifuls girls(Who need sex)with a everage age of 18-21 years old.

Please help me.

Come on t-men , I really need help :slight_smile:

BypO, I am not in the Miami area but you could try calling the GNC stores in that area when you arrive there. Some of them may carry Biotest products. Alternatively, try calling Biotest customer service and ask for distributors in that ares. As for your request for sex starved young vixens, you’re asking the wrong old fart. :frowning:

bypo…I went down to miami beach last janvier for about a week. any of the clubs are excellent places to find the young femme fatales. the main strip (on beach avenue i think), is probably the best, although there are a number of different clubs around. ask the concierge at your hotel…they usually have special passes to get into clubs. and i hope you love latin women as much as i do, because there are a lot of hot young latinas around miami. enjoy…et bon chance!

Thank a lot t-men !
I think that I will ahve fun ! :slight_smile:

Have a nice day !

Another way to work it bypO would be to order on line from Biotest or one of the other on line or landline supplement companies and ask that it be delivered to the Ramada that you are staying at in Miami with the notation to hold for incoming guest. Make sure you alert Ramada to the arriving package as well. Or ask that it be sent to arrive when you are scheduled to be there. Have a nice holiday.

Nice Idea man, but just a little too complicate because I don’t want stress me for waiting this package all the week…
I will try to find a good shop…
Have a nice day !