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North Korea


do you guys think that these jerk offs are going to start a war? because i think there sorry asses are going to get spanked with the great paddle of sweet American Justice! any North Koreans on this website care to give the other side of the story as well???


So far they're acting like a bunch of little kids threatening to hold their breath until they turn blue. Will they light off a big fire cracker and send it somewhere that we care about? I really doubt it, but then they are a bunch of crazy fuckers. The whole world is watching to see how Obama reacts, either we'll come off like a bunch of pussies or we'll have the opportunity go gain some respect back.



I really wish I knew about this one. Is NK a substantial threat? Some people say yes, some say no. Is a hardline stance against NK a good option? Again, some people say yes, some people say no.

While I don't claim to know either of these, it seems like a hardline response is only good if you're going to back it up. If you're going to tell NK "you better get rid of the nukes and stop lunching long range missles", you better be prepared to stop them with force if they don't respond. If you don't do this, you only play into their hands. On the other hand if your not prepared to go and physically stop them, then it seems you must compromise--and yes, that may mean things like letting NK keep some of the nuclear weapons. If letting NK keep the nukes and backing down on the empty hardline talk makes NK comfortable enough to stop trying to escalate the situation, then that's at least something.

As always, compromise may not workout like that, but if you're not willing to backup the tough talk it seems to be the best bet. There may only be a chance that NK will behave if serious compromise is made, but there is near certainly NK will continue to escalate things if empty tough talk is thrown at it.

Idealists and war hawks will crucify you for such compromise, but hey, it beats all out war with NK and possibly china, all while half our military is sitting in the middle east.




With it's modern technology and manufacturing facilities South Korea would be a hell of a prize for the North to sieze. But America stands in the way. So they try to intimidate us into losing our resolve to stand up for the South.