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North Korea Nuke



This should be fun!


They just want more humanitarian aid. The last time they did a nuclear test, they promised not to do more for a million pounds of fuel oil. Their bellies must be grumbling.

I really think North Korea is a paper tiger. They may be able to make a nuclear bomb, but they don't have the considerable technology that goes into shrinking a nuke to fit on a rocket. Soon, Dear Leader will be dead and hopefully for them, things can change. Either way, I don't think it's any skin off of our backs, as they are no real threat.


how dare they, this right is reserved only to the US government...


*and who ever we give them to, or help develop one


Their first test was a 4kt design that yeilded 1-2kt. That is a lot smaller test than other countries first tests have been. What it means is they may have been confident enough that they could produce a working larger warhead, that they just skipped over that step and went right to testing miniaturized warheads. A warhead that size could be fitted on top of a scud missile.

This latest test could have been another successful test of a miniaturized warhead.


This is not the same thing?


Hey, not to worry guys, the UN's gonna issue a resolution strongly condemning their actions. That should set 'em straight alright! /sarcasm


It isn't. I would feel much more comfortable if it was indeed, only reserved to the US/UK governments.


The North Koreans are scarier than the Iranians. They truly have nothing to lose and are crazy enough fuckers to send one somewhere. With the unrest in Pakistan, the Iranian camel jockeys and now the North Koreans stepping things up a notch, one of them is bound to deploy a live nuke in our lifetime.


I wouldn't.


Prove that ALL NKs are crazy or shut the fuck up.


That'll show em.

Maybe Obama will send his Acorn army over to NK. That should scare them.


Stop being a sensationalist fear monger.

North Koreans will never launch a nuclear weapon. They rely on international aid to simply survive (if you can say they're even surviving) and that aid would screech to a halt if they dropped the bomb. Even their crazy leader knows this.

The only danger is in NK furthering the nuclear goals of another nation, or group. This is a major threat to our security, but worries of NK itself launching a nuke are hollow. They, for now, are just posturing and attention whoring. They think it gives them relevance to be defiant of the US and UN.


Well said, douche bag.


It was and you still have not proved anything...so...?


If we think a particular country having nukes is a potential danger, obviously we are going to do what we can to keep them from having them. If others feel that we shouldn't have them, they can do the same. What's so hard to understand here?


The fact that they would be willing to sell nukes to other countries is what really worries me.


Would you be afraid of a dude with a .50 cal bullet but no gun? Think about it.

If they made a big boy, and they have to move it around on a train then they are no threat.

If I'm correct France was the first country to have a nuclear weapon, it was the size of a train car and completely undeliverable. This was in the late 30s. So they barely have late 1930s technology, wow, me so scared.


I'm not so sure about France having the first nuke but anyway, North Korea's bomb that they just tested is as powerful as the one used on Hiroshima. And if I'm ot mistaken didnt they do a rocket test a few weeks ago? I thought that rocket was launched into space. Either way the North Koreans and the Iranians could trade technology back and forth and be ready to drop a nuke on Japan or Hawaii in a little as two years. Iran could do the same to Israel or Europe. This shit aint no joke.


I am certain, the French did not have the bomb back in the thirties. The Germans splitting the atom in 1938 was the first proof that an atomic bomb was even possible. There is no way countries making less effort than the US were able to beat the US to the first bomb. The Manhattan project was a massive industrial project that none else came close to matching.