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North Korea Missile Fails



F*ck them, and their bullshit missle. Discuss..

UPDATE* apparently they launched a second TD2, no information as to its test result yet...


Thank god. However, i'm sure this will only drive them more...


I am waiting for all the 'tards on this site to start to blame the U.S. for this maniac's war posturing.

"Oh, if only the U.S. were more understanding to Kim Jong (mentally) Ill." "Oh, if we were only more liked in the world, etc."

It is time to stop playing with these despots and it is high time to begin to take them out before they take us out!


Any avid readers out there know China's standpoint on this?


China criticised the launch.


Update 7 have been fired and not all were duds, they blew them up once they saw the launch worked. I'm working OT here in the government b/c of this asshole now....


Take them out? That should be easy. All we need is a draft for the military.


And a couple more trillion dollars we make up out of thin air.

Seriously, this whole thing is retarded.

We have to decide, once and for all, if we actually care about North Korea or not.

The stock market is plunging as we speak because, apparently, the "players" of this country neither trust NORAD's defense capabilities (of NA) nor the Japanese to defend themselves. So much for all the money we've sunk (literally) in NORAD...

Preemptive military action is clearly out of the question, since we simply cannot afford it (economically), and, again, we'd risk an all out nuclear attack from NK that, even if it's relatively small scale, could cost several million lives and a couple more trillion dollars. We're in debt up to our eyeballs. So this will have to be about containing the problem and treating the N. Koreans like what they are: spoiled brats crying for attention.

The problem is, clearly, we need to show some actual leadership on this matter, if for nothing else, to contain the economic damage that this volatility is causing. But that would require us to have an inspiring leader, somebody that the American people actually trusted, and, quite simply, that's not the case right now.


North Korea is not a legitimate threat, despite Kim Jong Il's posturing. The nuclear weapons they have are a minor strategic threat at best.
North Korea lacks the capability to project its military power beyond its boundaries, except through its ballistic missles. Kim Jong Il is not interested in influencing the region, he is only interested in maintaining power. As the North Korea economy has collapsed, his ability to equip and train his Army has been severely reduced. Any conventional land attack on South Korea is going to lead to the destruction of his Army and to his overthrow.
A nuclear attack launched by North Korea will also lead to retalitory air attacks or nuclear strikes that will only further diminish his economy. KJI is crazy, but he isn't crazy enough to do anything to sacrifice his hold on power.
North Korea and KJI are a threat, but not enough of a threat to warrant any action. The United States can continue to stand back and watch North Korea continue to self destruct.


There was some news feed from some US University on some site where people were posing questions to this guy who was in the know on the topic. He said there are embargo's on nK trade and economy and stuff and the NK's want the US to lift these, the missles are an 'attention getter' in not so many words.

He also said there is no threat from China, China want to sell the West stuff, not attack us or take sides. China's bulging economy is from one simple thing, the manufacture ans subsequent export of goods to the west. If that stops, their economy collapses.


Ummm except for the fact that our anti-ballistic missile system sucks! The hit down rate is about 5:1 in other word if we fired five anti-ballistic missiles to shoot down the one he sent we would get it. We currently only have I believe seven on stand-by, 4 in Colorado 3 in Alaska. I could be wrong about the numbers ready but I believe those are correct.


Although I agree with the gist of your argument, I believe you are underplaying the issue a little bit too much. Kim Jong is a spoiled brat, but he can do some damage. More than about reality or real threats, this is about perception, and the perception of the markets is that this is serious. Furthermore, there's Japan, who is clearly VERY concerned -- and if Japan is concerned, everyone loses. Both North America and Western Europe are extremely dependent on Japanese engineering and industry... If there's volatility there, it spreads here like wildfire.

Having said that, what we need is a leader that instills confidence and changes the perception, more than anything else.


I agree. Starve them out.


There are also a couple down in Vandenberg AFB, CA.


Oh no. I agree with something "hspder" wrote. Could someone check to see if pigs are flying or possibly the chances of icecubes in Hell?


If KJI is silly enough to fire a weapon onto U.S. territory, a successful nuclear attack will be like Pearl Harbor all over again. The American people don't take kindly to being attacked. I think he realizes that his regime won't last for any length of time after he attacks us.
He doesn't gain anything by attacking, there is no political goal that he will achieve.
Our anti-ballistic missle system is a whole different issue. We have fielded and deployed a pretty successful national anti-ballistic missle system in the past. The Nike, Nike-Ajax, and Nike-Hercules missles were very successful, and they were built and fielded in the 1960's. I imagine the current system we have deployed now is much more capable, since the technology to intercept missles has been around for 40 years or so.


I agree with you about the perception of a threat. Perception of success in warfare is just as important as success itself. Our current administration hasn't been the best at managing the information flow to influence the perception of current events in a way that is advantageous to the United States.


I agree they were effective against SCUD missles the type we are shotting down these days are very different. NK has based their missles off of the SCUDs which will improve our chances greatly of shooting it down, our current system has had major flaws. Granted the only way I know that our current system is lacking is that my father has done some research on it as part of his work for the government.

I doubt Jong will do anything to put himself at risk for attack, but he is a little of his hinges. I believe him to be a very unstable man, and after all he is willing to starve his nation to build more nukes. It's unsettling at best.


That's right, but I don't think they have been activated yet. I only know that they have primed the missiles in Colorado and Alaska


How much of a nuclear threat to mainland U.S is DPRK really, especially in light of their failed ICBM test? Or is this threat rather to U.S interests (ie US Marines in Okinowa and other bases in the region in range of their SCUDS)? As far as the SCUD threat, we have allegedly deployed the 3rd gen patriot missle in the area, either ship or land based or both, which, in the first two incarnations had a good succes rate against scud style missles no?
And to whoever stated we shot the TD2 down, I'd love to believe that, especially since thats the first thing I thought of when the report came down initially of its 'failure'.