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North Carolina Grip Contest


The Tar Heel Hands of Steel grip strength contest will be held Feb 4, 2006, in Salisbury, NC. It's an open comp, everyone is welcome!

We're going to have a wide variety of competitors including powerlifters, grip strength novices, bodybuilders, and grip pros. So come on out, meet some really cool guys, and have fun! Anyone interested please send me a private message and I'll give you all the details.



Events include:



-hammer levering

-vertical bar lift

-thick handle lifts


Cool, fellow T-Men in my locale. If I don't have to work that day, I'll see you there.


Foreword: This isn't meant to belittle this competition (seriously), but as a tribute to an infamous T-Nation pioneer.

Somebody tell the Deisel Weasel. I'm sure he'd love a chance to show off to anyone who hasn't seeen his magnificant maladies of malicously muscled movements of strength - how to tear a few phone books, eat nails, do a zercher deadlift, eat car tires, etc.

Hell, he might even have some lifts never before seen, but he had to name because his exercises names have to fit his form as opposed to maintaining good form for the lift. Like the squat + Deisel = the colon cleansing squat : "shit before I reached the bottom of the squat so I had to use every other muscle but my glutes/hams/quads, and couldn't fire my abs because the TVA was twitching from the residual shockwaves resonating from the shit/fart just before reaching paralell for the 300 lb squat,(remember though this is a colon cleansing squat so my form is still intact), so I had to seriously maneuver to keep my back from breaking in half and at the same time keep the shit stain from smearing and showing up on camera - for my fans".

So my form was impecable and if you dont' agree I"ll rip you to shreds like the pages of my dirty magazine under my seat in my 65 mustang. Hey, my girls like it rough.

He'd finally have a forum to share his ideas so that others could benefit from his experience. But don't mock him, cross him, make fun of him, or he'll might just: rip you to shreds, break you, squat you, deadlift you, and then give you a glare that makes girls want to shit there pants, before he eats you. Anway... give him a call, I'm sure he'd be flattered.


Here are the final results:

Competitor Right Left
Gregory Allen miss IM 2
Stanley Branham IM2 x2 BB M
Anson Castelvecchi RB 300 N BB SM
Jonathan Creason IM 3 x2 BB SM
John Demchak BB SM IM 2x2
Tommy Heslep BB SE BB Ex2
Dave Morton BB E BB SM
Kevin Perone BB SM IM 2
Arron Provence IM 2 BB M
Chris Rice BB SM BB SM
Nick Rosendaul BB SMx2 IM 2
Bert Sorin BB SM IM 2x2
Chad Woodall BB E IM 3

2 Hand Pinch:
Competitor Weight
Gregory Allen 130
Stanley Branham 120
Anson Castelvecchi 180
Jonathan Creason 200
John Demchak 130
Tommy Heslep 210
Dave Morton 170
Kevin Perone 165
Arron Provence 160
Chris Rice 180
Nick Rosendaul 180
Bert Sorin 170
Chad Woodall 200

Competitor Weight
Gregory Allen 225
Stanley Branham 225
Anson Castelvecchi 320
Jonathan Creason 260
John Demchak 265
Tommy Heslep 310
Dave Morton 300
Kevin Perone 270
Arron Provence 255
Chris Rice 275
Nick Rosendaul 275
Bert Sorin 275
Chad Woodall 330

u]Competitor[/u] Avg. Time
Gregory Allen 46
Stanley Branham 63
Anson Castelvecchi 28
Jonathan Creason 16.6
John Demchak 30.5
Tommy Heslep 9
Dave Morton 8.5
Kevin Perone 16.7
Arron Provence 32.2
Chris Rice 19
Nick Rosendaul 12.1
Bert Sorin 32.9
Chad Woodall 7.6

Competitor Right Left
Gregory Allen miss 8x2
Stanley Branham 8 8x4
Anson Castelvecchi 12 10x2
Jonathan Creason 16 12x4
John Demchak 8 miss
Tommy Heslep miss 16x2
Dave Morton 16x2 16
Kevin Perone 12x2 8x3
Arron Provence 12 12
Chris Rice 12x10 12x4
Nick Rosendaul 12x4 10
Bert Sorin 10 10
Chad Woodall 16 12x2

The final placings are:
1. Chad Woodall
2. Tommy Heslep
3. Dave Morton
4. Jonathan Creason
5. Chris Rice
6. Anson Castelvecchi, Nick Rosendaul (tied the tiebreaker)
8. Bert Sorin
9. Kevin Perone
10. Arron Provence
11. John Demchak
12. Greg Allen
13. Stanley Branham

Congrats to everyone, once again. And thanks for making this contest a blast to put on.