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North American Highlander Association


Just dropping a line out there to get the word about a new strenght sport that's starting up this year. Highlander games it puts strongman events and traditional Scottish games in the same event 50% / 50% of each.

Looking to have a great first year and getting some interest from both the strongmen, and highland games athlete's. I Know DJ has compiled a great set of state chairs and we will all do what we can to put on some class act events.

If anyone has any interest in an event in Phoenix I am starting the planing now and looking to have a great one lined up that will be a good first start for any one who has never done one or wither of the sports.

Ill have more info soon in the meantime you can check out the NAHA homepage



That looks FUN.


Somebody PLEASE get this in the south!


Im very excite, is this something that will venture to the westcoast?


This looks great; let me know if you make it to AZ.


I really like the 50/50 mix of events. Great idea. Looking forward to seeing some events in Fl. As much as I like the Highland Games we have around here (next is 4/4/09), I like y'alls mix of events better.


I think Phill is planning to do one in AZ this summer. I will be there barring catastrophe.


Best of luck with this Phill, I love the mix of events.

I'm actually getting married this May in Scotland and I'm having a highland games/strongman comp on the day to mark the occasion :slight_smile:


anybody know of any of these in the central texas region?


I will be doing a Highland Games in May down here in LA. Never been to one before so it should be a lot of fun.


Careful. You don't wanna get caber splinters under your kilt before the wedding night!