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Norman Borlaug - American Hero


From the Wall Street Journal:

"Often it is said America lacks heroes who can provide constructive examples to the young. Here was such a hero. Yet though streets and buildings are named for Norman Borlaug throughout the developing world, most Americans don't even know his name."

Just a drop of optimism in a sea of pessimism...This man gives Americans a great name


He should at least get a city and several airports.


[quote]orion wrote:

He should at least get a city and several airports.


Apparently he does … in 3rd world countries … and that’s the problem, I never heard of this guy until this morning when I read that piece on WSJ.com … From what it seems, he’s helped the developing world MORE than any other charities just donating money and provide “aid”. He demonstrated how to fix problems rather than sprinkle a little money on them until they don’t seem as bad.


A great man. He is vilified by the current environmental movement however because he used technology to fix a problem.

The current movement that corrupted the green revolution is nothing more then politics and corruption.


I remeber hearing an interview with Borlaug on NPR. The interviewer asked him about the trend towards organic farming and he said (paraphrasing) “Sure we can go back to organic farming. Just pick which 2 billion people you want to see die of starvation.” I would say you can’t argue with that but some people like to ignore a thing we call reality. I doubt he’ll never get recognition he deserves in this country for political reasons.


Exactly, organic farming is a niche thing for people with more money. Let’s see, a little pesticide or starving, hummm…


He was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation…

Don’t you sheep know what this means?