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Normal TT, Low Free T

What is the consensus to do in this situation? A TT level that would be considered “normal”, but a very low free or bio t?

normal and ideal are two completely different things.

the definition of ideal is dependent on a number of factors and is different for each person (based on their genetic code, environment, etc.).

you should test all systems (thyroid, Cortisol, d25-OH, ferritin, B12, testosterone, estradiol, etc. etc. etc.) and work to get each of them into the IDEAL range.

Can’t do much without numbers and ranges. Are these in some other tread of yours?


I have a thread on called: Dr Visit - What should I request

I was just thinking out loud on how you approach that issue. When TT looks reasonable and most Dr’s wouldn’t consider trt, but free is really on the low end.

Link us there from here.