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"Normal" Total T, Low Free T

Been off TRT for about a year now, got retested (LabCorp). Fasted, AM.

I’m 57yo, 6 feet, 190 lbs, just started working out again. When I was on T I was same height and weight but at 12% BF compared to 18% currently.

Total T 354 (Range 264-919)
% Free Test (Dialysis) 1.2 (1.5-3.2)
Free Testosterone, Serum 42 (52-280)

I asked via email to start TRT and my doc asked me to come in to discuss. I get all of the arguments - 354 was my peak (AM), two out of three indicators are low, I have symptoms, etc…

What I don’t completely understand is how my free test relates to my total. As I understand it, much of my total test is bound to something else and is therefore unusable, resulting in symptoms despite my “normal” total test.

Here’s how I see it.

They say 2 percent is the free you need.

But 2 percent of 350 is way different then 2 percent of 650.

Your free t is low.

Btw just got these. This is with a total t of 621.

More confusion…Not used to this calculation of free t:

Some of your testosterones is bound to SHBG and weakly bound to albumin.